my life through a photo a day


This Is Goodbye

I've been meaning all of Christmas break to get a picture of my parents backyard. It has been chuck full of 
untouched snow, and then we got dumped on the passed couple of days, perfect. I love the sight of untouched snow;
so peaceful, clean and dare I say breathtaking? Not to mention the blinding voip that happens when the sun reflects 
off of it (that's called albedo; holla for remembering facts from my general meteorology class). I haven't taken the 
picture until today because I think it best fits the coming in of a new year and my closing of this blog. I still haven't 
decided if I am going to keep going… I guess you'll find out soon. 2010 was good to me; it was filled with amazing 
opportunities,  great classes (and grades), places new and old, people young and old, lots of family, trying new 
things, failures and successes, and shall I end this list with improved photography skills? Yes, yes I will. 

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December; I made it.


Merwin, The Non-Snowman

Whilst sitting at Stephanie's house, we were plum stumped on what to fill our night with. I mentioned snow painting, 
not actually expecting it to happen. She was sold once I explained to her what 'snow painting' actually entailed. You
take a spray bottle, some food coloring, warm clothes and some hard working spit and voilĂ ! A Whale will appear, or
rather whatever you plan to sculpt in the snow. It didn't take us long; I know it looks like a masterpiece. We birthed
good ol' Merwin (Moby Dick's cousin) at about 10:45PM tonight. It's he wonderful? He resides on the corner of 
Stephanie's lawn, right by the drive way where all passer-bys may gawk at our amazingly talented snow sculpting skills.


The Big Ten

Aubrey and I went over to Sara's in-laws (where they're staying) to see her one last time before their flight leaves 
tonight. Also, Aubrey and I wanted a cutting of hair from her as well. I just needed a trim, but Aubrey told herself she
was going to do something drastic to her hair over the break. I thought that meant cut it short. After sara finished 
cutting off three inches, I put my camera down and mentioned that that was in fact not drastic nor short enough to
qualify for my blog. After two hours of mulling over the fact and a small tad of persuasion Aubrey cut off ten inches.
Welcome to the short hair club Aub Bob. All of my sisters have done it, I think I've been the shortest (this passed
summer). Her hair is still longer than mine, but not by much. I'm trying to grow mine out… it's toughy but I'm trying.


Trickling Stream Of Consciousness

Wake up after noon. 2 missed calls. 17 new emails. Breakfast. Lunch out? Okay. Shower. Wear new boots. Early for
lunch. Free coupon equals free lunch. Call Alishia. Go to the library. Return 22 CDs. 4 new CDs. One graphic design
book. 2 fashion illustration books. Zero good adult fiction books, solution: one 'to be determined' young adult fiction 
book. One hour in Library. Cold drive home. Park. See prime photo opportunity. Love winter skys in the early 
evening. I heart bird silhouettes. Left overs for dinner. Listen to library CDs. Blog. Visit with Dad. Change out of boots.
End of school break stress. Rich family arrive. 25 baby slobber kisses. Mom gets home. 5 rounds of Monopoly Deal.
Aubrey gets home. PIE. Get gas. Projects, projects, projects. Listen to the lovely Bob Dylan. Ready for bed. Sleep.


Paradise Day

Last night we got to see the kids before the went to bed, played games with the Cramers and then went to bed after a
long day of driving. Today we ate breakfast, played more games went to In N Out burger (a Cramer/Duncan tradition) 
and then went to the neighboring park. We played bocci ball and then Cody took us onto the playground that
was dinosaur themed. We left around 6PM and got into Sandy around 1AM.  There was some pretty horrendous fog
from St. George all the way home, but we made it. I feel so lucky to have seen both of my out of state sisters and 
their families. I don't know where I'd be without them, cheesy, but true. I sure am going to miss having the chil'ens around.


Road Trip #230572

(The number of road trips is an exaggeration; my friend Stephanie always does that when she giving anything a 
number, I always die laughing). But for reals people, I never take this many road trips, I guess 2010 was my year,
eh? Right after church my family made the 'spur of the moment' decision to go down to Las Vegas until tomorrow. 
Why go to Las Vegas you ask? Well that is currently where the Cramers are. My sister's in-laws flew them in and my
sister doesn't care to be in a car too long because she gets car sick (that's the pregnancy talking; that's right I am to 
be an aunt once again, yay). So we packed in under an hour (which is a Duncan record; we usually take days to 
pack) and hopped in the car making it to Vegas in 5.5 hours. Today also marks the day that my Mother was born.
Oh joyous occasion. What a lovely grandma to spend her birthday in the car to devote the following day to her grandkids.


Berry Christbas

I fell asleep last night pretty early, with my contacts in. What a terrible combination, for I woke up at 3AM due to dried 
out contacts and too much sleep before the AM. I refused to get out of bed and tried to go back to sleep. No luck; I 
finally distanced myself from my bed around 5AM and did a series of things before the rest of my family began to stir.
We went down for presents around 10AM. The only thing I asked for this season was a new ipod, since I have such 
great luck with ipods. And I got it, among many other amazing things. Thank you Santa. We skyped in the morning 
with the Cramers, Nikki came in the afternoon and Sara and Bob came in the late afternoon. This day was so terrific:
surrounded by family, immediate and extended, left over chinese, warmth and love. Could not get any better than this.

*this little guy is named 'Xenophilius' in honor of my brother-in-laws naming all their devices Harry Potter characters.
I'll jump on any band wagon their driving; they are the ultimate definition of cool.


T'was This One Time

Today is a day filled with traditions. This morning I made a brand spankin' new one that I hope lives on forever. I went
to Kneaders for their never ending french toast with Megan, Stephanie and Mandy. We did plenty of catching up over 
those delightful pieces of bread. We went in our pajamas and laughed the morning away. The day was spent 
wrapping gifts and then, night time fell. My ultimate favorite ancient Duncan tradition is getting take out Chinese for
Christmas Eve and then having left overs for days. We tried a new place this year and I think it had a chance against
our age old favorite hole in the wall, Hunan Express. After a tremendous asian feast and the quickest clean up ever, 
we went on to execute the next tradition: opening one gift; all the siblings draw names. This year I had Sara, she had
Aubrey, she had Tiffany and Tiffany had me. Sara brought my gift from Tif and we all opened our gifts. I got a sweet 
cook book (I cannot wait to show Nikki) that her Relief Society compiled this year and the card game Monopoly Deal.
I am so stoked to have parties themed with my Christmas Eve presents (playing the game while eating the grub
birthed from that beloved cook book). We played a couple rounds of Monopoly Deal and then went on to finish up the
night with another terrific tradition (this one is not only for Christmas Eve, but whenever a brother-in-law is in town),
Super Smash Brothers on Wii. After a couple of very successful games, the Rich's left and I turned in for the night.


Mixed Media

Today was pretty productive, well productive for a vacation day. I woke and attended the library with Megan and 
Stephanie to pick up some CD's. Very very exciting; I got over twenty to listen to. That bottom large black one along
the bottom of both stacks is a boxed set of all the 30 Rock songs. Oh dear, I died when I saw it. After all of our 
check-outs we proceeded on to the Smith's down the road for me to get a flu shot (bleh). I then went home, had
lunch with the lil' sister and my pops. I then did some much needed hard core exercising, showered, and went over
to Stephanie's house to watch 'Step Up 3' and 'Roman and Beezus'. Good movies… the latter better than the first. I 
have discovered that I become quite cynical when it comes to chick flicks, but I did like the dancing. We even rang in
the fact that it was Christmas Eve at midnight (can you believe that I will have had my camera for a year in 2 days?)


Dunky Do

Last night, I was chillin' with Stephanie until 3AM. I got home and could not fall asleep for the life of me (my body must
still be in all nighter mode). Seeing how my night lacked sleep I didn't wake up today until 3PM. Crazy, right? I was
a little mad that I had lost a good portion of my day, but I knew I needed the sleep, I guess. I went to the library soon
after with Stephanie to get some CDs and a couple of good books to read over the break. Upon arrival home, I began
listening to the CDs I got. Not too long after the out-of-towners appeared. We were babysitting Duncan while Sara
and Bob attended a play. He makes this face when he laughs; he looks angry, but when this image is mixed with 
audio, you know he is a happy boy. It still baffles me how big this boy is. I can't believe I only have a week left with him.


Business Party

After doing many a chores in preparation for Christmas, I showered. Showered in anticipation for a business card 
consultation from non other than Charlie Holmberg. She is going to a couple of conventions in the near future to 
get her book publishing groove on. And you cannot possibly go to a convention without a business card because all
those agents need ways to remember you. I told her she better remember me when she is famous. I would like to
keep her business card a surprise, but let's just say it has to do with pink and glasses (I may or may not have just
given it all away, oh well). After the business stuff was done we played a good ol' round of Mario Party 7. As pathetic
as it was, we lost to the computer (Princess Peach) that we had set to 'weak'. We must be getting old, or rusty, whichever.


Skipping Bo

Manic Monday my eye, more like mmmm-lovely Monday. Woke up and went to a bit of a pointless Doctor's appt. and
then I spent the rest of the day with my Mom, shopping. I accomplished ALL of my Christmas shopping. My mom is 
the Queen of shopping… there is no way you can't not accomplish all your shopping needs with her. We turned in 
around 6PM to sway the night away with our out-of-town guests. Aubrey made homemade chicken noodle soup and
we played a couple rounds of Skip Bo. Also, I think Duncan is finally starting to remember who I am. Good sign; I'm 
not getting the 'who is this stranger in my face' look from him when I play peek-a-boo or make funny noises. Ha-roo.


Early Christmas

Attending church with small children can be very distracting, but I loved every minute of it. I also loved catching up 
with so many familiar faces from my parents ward here in Sandy. Children are so grown up, lots of new faces as well
as old warm faces. Once church was over, we gathered ourselves to make our way to Clearfield to take part in the
Bush side Christmas Party. There was yummy finger foods, delectable desserts and of course, no Bush party would
be complete without some friendly competitive games. Usually, we play nertz, but this year we induced some new 
games: encore and the candy bar game. We then opened presents. My super skilled grandma made all the girl great
grand kids these cute tiered skirts (they have owls on them, lucky! (I want one, ha ha)), and all the boy great grand 
kids got monster trucks. The excitement was a sight to see; squealing, scurrying kids filled the room. Such a wonderfully 
filled Sunday. Best part is I'm not dreading tomorrow: no school, no homework, no deadlines and no projects… yum.


And So It Begins

You know the holidays have begun when family starts flying in from all directions and the travelling to all places to see
family starts. It always reminds me of Christmas Vacation (especially cousin Eddy and his trailer), a year round 
favorite in the Duncan household. I've actually never had a holiday where we've picked someone up from the airport,
until today. My sweet sister Sara, her hilarious husband Bob and their dashing baby, Duncan flew in tonight at exactly
8:20PM. After a day of rest and helping a tad around the house we drove up to the airport to pick them up. We only 
saw them for the ride home because they are staying with Bob's parents; I am so stoked to attend church with them
tomorrow and chill the day away as well. I cannot believe how big Duncan has gotten these passed five months. Wow.



And I thought I had it bad going to the dentist today (no cavities by the way; woot). This was the sight to see when I 
returned to my lovely home in Sandy. Poor little sister had her wisdom teeth out this morning. Even worse, her mouth
wasn't wide enough for the doctor's hands, so they had to stretch her jaw while she was under, ouch. She was a 
good sport though, and she gets some pretty amazing perks: sleeping all day without the guilt of not helping prep 
Christmas, ice cream/pudding/smoothies for every meal and pain pills galore. When my nursing duties were up I 
spent the rest of the night with my lovely Sandy peeps (haven't seen them since Halloween; lots of catching up).

*Note one cheek is bigger than the other making her smile crooked; what a good sport she is for letting me picture take


Scraping The Barrel

Yesterday after my final I came home and chilled for a couple of hours before going back to tackle the final of the 
century. I went back to school around 4:30PM and worked on my last two projects for my graphic design II class. 
Since Sydney was in the same boat as me we worked all the night long and finally finished around 6AM this morning.
I dashed home to shower before having to go back to school (the last time until next year) to mount my projects. I 
was supposed to meet Angie there because she had some mounting board for me. She wasn't going to be there for 
another hour or so. I took that moment to shut my eyes and catch up on some much needed sleep at the end of the
art hall. I awoke two hours later, met up with Angie and had everything mounted in time for my 11AM final. It went 
swimmingly. This week has been hard, with many freak out sessions, but I knew I could do it. If there is ever a time
crunch, nothing will ever be as crunchy as this week; I know I'll be able to make it. I got home around 1:30PM, 
changed straight into my pajamas and plopped into bed. I was so tired my eyelashes hurt. I woke up six hours later
to my visiting teachers coming for a  visit. Then I made dinner. I haven't been grocery shopping since before 
thanksgiving. So what have I been living on? Soup and fast food and even then I haven't been eating much. I am 
utterly excited to be home tomorrow. Unlimited love, food, warmth, sleep, snow and don't forget movie watching.


Pleasantly, Sleepily Surprised

This morning when I left Sydney's house (after working all night on my BFA deliverables for my final today), there 
was a blanket of snow on my car. Even though I was deathly tired and dreading going back to school, the snow
made my day. Luckily it was just the wet kind of snow… clear roads but plenty of snow to look at. I snapped this 
photo coming out of my final this morning. Said final went splendidly; I am definitely on track for producing my project
next semester. I love squares… especially in a pattern. Now, it's time for the mother of all finals tomorrow… ba humbug.


Geoffrey Green Chair

I anxiously awaited the ending of my printmaking critique so that I could cruise home to the loving embrace of my bed 
wanting to sleep the day away (unfortunately more finals await me… two to be exact). After a much needed too long 
nap, I woke up with the intent of going back to school to work on more final stuff, that is, until I was kidnapped by 
pirates, and by pirates I mean Moroni and David. We got some grub and then they graciously obliged to running 
some errands with me. First on the list, my beloved D.I. I haven't given this place enough attention; I found the most
glorious chair that I wanted to have in my possession ever so badly. Unfortunately, it was a little pricey and more
importantly it would not have fit in Moroni's car. (I was shopping for a chair though; It's for my BFA project next 
semester. It's going to be so kosher). Oh, well… maybe he'll still be there when I come back over the break. (Our
apartment is in dire need of furniture in our apartment. We only own three chairs: one is injured, one is uncomfy and
the other scares people away). Hold out for me Geoffrey… we will be together one day, I just know it. 


Stained Nails

I originally had a picture of my permanently stained nails from printmaking, but decided that this photo would be oh so
very much more interesting. I woke up today around 8AM, knowing that my printmaking final was looming hardcore
over my head. The break to Ephram was terrific, but I knew I had a long stretch ahead. I arrived onto campus 
around 10AM. I worked the crap out of this copperplate in the morning. I then went to my photography final and got
some lunch. I then returned to crapping this plate. Definitely the bane of my existence. I was on campus until 6AM,
went home to shower and then came back for my printmaking final. All in all, I am so pleased with the outcome. I
even broke some rules and used some brown ink instead of black. I love it so much more; this plate is a great 
companion to my other plate as well. I owe so many people my first born child for all the help in pointers and company
I had. And it's only Monday? Oh, this week is going to be super fun, I can feel it in my pancreas. Bring it on Mister
Tuesday. (Can you even tell what the subject matter is? Oh, well if you can't… it's over).


Dear Baby Sister,

You truly are the fairest of them all, (all the baby sisters I have, that is). Your smile brightens up every room of 
whatever abode you are vacating. Your laugh is my favorite when you whip out your lisp (double hilarity when you
have a stuffy nose, like today). I look up to you as if you were the scraper of the heavens (and that's not because
you are .5 inches taller than me). You will pain all boys heart's wherever you may venture. I am blessed to have such
a younger example in my life. I hope your birthday is more than just a regular day. You are surrounded by the best 
kind of people (and that was not just geared towards me, muhahaha). I love you so much and I cannot wait to see 
where your life takes you. You are destined to do amazing things and I hope your last year as a teenager isn't too
immature. I cannot wait to spend the break with you as well as our amazingly maternal older sisters, their comedic
husbands and their heart wrenchingly adorable children.

'I luh you'… humbly yours, brooke.


Ephram Greetings

Well, I guessed correctly… in the printmaking lab, again, for a very long time today. Only this day I couldn't stay until
2AM, like last night. I had a previous engagement with my dear little sister Aubrey. I left my school around 11PM; got
to Provo and packed up my car, leaving around 12AM for Ephram to visit my soon-to-be old sister. After making the
drive, I finally made it (Chester looks like a nice place to live, only because of the name; I drive much slower on the 
open road when I am the only one on it). Right as I arrived, Aubrey had to go run an errand of some sort. While she
was away I snooped around her house and found this pretty little lady. A Christmas card from her neighbors two 
doors down. I LOVE that they have Lord Voldemort on their Christmas card. Apparently Aubrey's photo is hidden in
the card … can you see her? So, happy holidays from me, Aubrey and these random people from her fridge.


Mess Makin'

After my 9AM class this morning I went straight to the printmaking lab to get started on my printmaking projects and
to finish them up before my final on Tuesday morning. I did NOT get as far tonight as I would have hoped and I was 
in the lab far too long. I guess I will just have to come back tomorrow. Not too shabby though for a class that is all 
about making controlled messes. I have a feeling this is going to take much longer than I had anticipated. Oh joy.
(Today I received an interesting compliment, "You have the shiniest hair I've ever seen,". Why thank you…?).


Double Lucky

Six. The number of days I have left until the end of the semester.
Six. The number of large projects I have due before the end of the semester.
Six. The number of times I freak out when I think of the previous statements together, today (seven).
Six. The number of mind changes I made before applying for a job tonight.
Six. The number of hours that would be just heavenly to receive in sleep on average the next week (not likely).
Six. The number of my favorite number doubled. Therefore I will receive twice the luck, right?


Semi-Day Off

After experiencing a well expected emotional day yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a bit of school-less time.
That is before having to go back to school and chain myself there until 11PM, as I intend to do every night this week.
I woke up and worked out. I got some things done that have been constantly pushed to the bottom of all my to do 
listsDid a bit of pampering as well as trimming my bangs. I actually never do that; bangs are the biggest thing to 
mess up. Seeing how they are the first thing people really notice, unless you have blue hair of course. I am always
deathly afraid of messing it up and creating a mountain range cut out with my bangs. My bangs are a toughy: I have
a cowlick on the right side, causing that hair to dry shorter. All in all, I think I did a pretty not-too-shabby job. Of 
course over the break I will have a professional touch it up; you should always go to a professional if you want it done right.


Shel Saved Me

Please read this poem before reading on. This day was incredibly hard: too many things went wrong and it felt like
not enough went right. All day I was about to be pushed over the edge; my emotions have been running even higher 
with the stress and the lack of sleep. All of that seemed minuscule compared to what I encountered late this evening. 
I have discovered that yes, with school work and projects and not getting dates and trying to get things right can be 
difficult, but all those things have to do with me. When am I leaving time for others; when am I making sure they have
someone to tell about their hard day? I may think I'm doing an okay job, considering, but everyone needs a wake up
call and mine came this evening. I've let some people slip through the cracks, and I feel terrible, just terrible. I can't 
blame it all on school or the chaos of life anymore. I must take responsibility to not be that spoiled brat that got boiled
in a vat that nobody ate. I want people to want to eat me… wait, that came out wrong. You get the picture (I'm punny).


Booking Skittles

The UVU AIGA chapter had their Christmas party tonight; we had a book exchange at the Student Alumni Center 
(which is actually a pretty souped up swanky place). UVU Dining Services catered and we actually had more than 
just the regular six (three of those are Bill's wife and adorable little kids) of us show up. Five more showed up along 
the way. What a terrific turn out and I got the most wonderful design book out of it. See that fat shiny one on the top?
Yeah, thanks to Sydney (for she is the one who brought it) I am the proud owner of it. I love books; I'm slowly building
my design library, as you can see–slowly but surely. Also, FHE + the skittles game equals total mayhem. The End.


Americanizing Christmas

Last year I was invited to attend a gingerbread making occasion at Nikki's parent's house with all of her siblings in
December. I guess I was good, because I was invited back this year. Last year Nikki and I made the house from UP.
It wasn't that tremendous; we had tootsie pops coming out of the chimney for the balloons and we even made a 
Kevin to put on the roof with a little candy stash next to him. The rest of the house looked nothing like the house from
UP, but those were the key elements that made it that house. Well, this year we decided to get a little more ambitious, 
can you tell what it is? We made this up on the fly, no prepping before. Also, the Christmas devotional was, to put it
perfectly, heavenly. I am so pumped for Christmas. I am also pumped to see my far away siblings this season. Yeet!


Feetless Portraits

From sun up to sun down I took pictures of shoes. Oh, how I adore shoesAlthough, this was an assignment–for my
digital photography class we are making a poster for our final with a theme of our choice. My choice: shoes; quick,
easy and they are the perfect subjects. I sent out a message to some of my dear peeps to help me out with the 
cause. First of all because I own only converse and flats (I wanted a good variety) and second of all, this gave me a 
legit deadline. I must say, my friends has some pretty remarkable shoes. I have to have twenty different photos for 
my poster… thus twenty photo shoots today, all with some very lovely subjects. These flats belong to my super 
hipster friend Dani. Thanks to all who helped out with the shoe cause. Speaking of causes, tonight I went to a Toy Ball
that Oliver threw. All the proceeds went to Shriner's children's hospital. There was a silent action, live band, smacksy
treats, a virgin bar, dancing, picture with Santa and Mrs. Clause (much like his networking party, only this one had 
tons of Christmas lights). The entrance fee was a toy to put under the tree. How great… tremendous Saturday, no?


I've Been Bobbed

The Students of the Senior Seminar class (I have many a friends enrolled in said class) put on their 'identity' show
this evening at the Provo Towne Square. I felt incredibly swanky; they had plenty of swag, free samples, a live band
and even side walk chalk to doodle all over the neighboring parking garage. These students teamed up with the Boys
and Girls club and picked a teen for the semester. For the passed weeks they have worked with their teen to teach
them an art discipline (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.). At the beginning of the show I ran into these
portraits of Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. They stopped me clear in my tracks and I melted. I completely adore the style
of these paintings. I love how simple they are, black and white, yet so complexly controlled with the paint splotches
and the paint drips. Oh to own these… a girl can dream, right? I love attending shows, especially for free.


You Can Do It

Finals are upon me again. I'm sorry that you must listen to my murmuring of the endless hours that design projects
consume of me in the last weeks of each semester. I have a list of about 50 or so things that I need to accomplish,
ideally by December 10th. Oh my 'ugh'-ness. As the time gets closer, I'm panicking a bit; I know I can get everything
done, I always do. It's just that I only have one semester left; I wish I could cram in three more semesters of good
studio classes. I fear that the first three years of college were a waste. Is it bad that I don't really remember anything
from my general ed classes? I feel like I am just getting to the good part of a movie on T.V. When everything is about
to be revealed and the storm of the century hits, knocking out the power grid of the entire earth. And I will never know
the what happens in the end. Thus is life, eh? So, in an effort to calm my anxieties, I drew an inspirational message
on my toaster strudel. Alas, once I came back from grabbing my camera, the message melted, oh bother.


Up Goes The Wall

I have had a pile of things to hang up sitting next to my desk for two months now. I couldn't take it anymore, and I
was in dire need of a homework break. So I put up my infamous 'wall'. I am not a huge fan of it this time, but at least
now the pile isn't staring me in the face every time I sit down to do my homework. As well as having some inspiration
to look at in this white washed underground home. There are a few additions and I'm missing some. Notice one of my
printmaking projects is up there along with my free letter pressed poster from that tattoo event I attended last month.
I always have a space left after I finish. I think I'll make something over the break to post above our mirror. (The 'wall'
is currently hanging above my dresser in the room that Nikki and I sleep in). Now what to hang in the living room?

missed a photo?