my life through a photo a day


Burger Boy

This would be the birthday boy that I've been telling you so much about. He's so big and I've missed him so. Our fam
attacked this In N Out; gobbling up shakes, cheeseburgers and fries from the local joint in Fremont, CA.

other highlights: waking up at 4AM to make the Cali journey; sleeping the whole time in the car; seeing Cody; seeing Kylee; seeing
Tiffany; seeing Steve; checking into the ultimate hotel (go Mom); eating a meal as an entire family.


Us VS. Bradford's Car

This was our attempt tonight on decorating Bradford's car at his reception. Definitely not the traditional 'cans tied to
the back' but we definitely made do. The reception was sweet and it is a boat load more fun when you know both
member's of the wedding couple. It's also a lot more fun when all your friends know both parties as well. We had
the whole gang there: Oliver, Moroni, Amber, Brett, David, Nathan & Sunni, Stephen & Ashely as well as a bunch
of random children wanting to get in on the mix. Bradford and Jessica are the bomb and I am so happy for them.

Remember how I wasn't going to see Alishia until after I got back from Cali? Well, I stayed in Provo tonight until she got home around
midnight. She is the BEST! I got the coolest souvenirs from her. I'll blog about them for sure when I get back, until then: Cali photos.


Look… Up In The Sky

Or rather in my sketchbook… I've been drawing planes like crazy in preparation for my nephew's birthday party this
weekend. Currently he's in California, so we are driving the 12 hours to get there mid-day to celebrate. He'll be five!
Can you believe it? He'll be off to school in the Fall… even crazier. Back to the planes… every year he gets a themed
party of his liking. When he was three it was Arthur, last year it was Sponge Bob and this year airplanes (I know I
know, this kid has got great taste, eh?). For the passed couple of years I've volunteered to do a banner and some
sort of other decorations. I am so stoked. I love drawing planes. I hope he gets as excited as I am. This kid is so
cool: instead of having cake, he wants a sheet of brownies; his birthday dinner choice t'would be In and Out. WOOT!

Birthday shout out to Alishia; She's been on a plane (how appropriate, thanks for getting the memo dear cousin) all day coming back
from Africa. She'll get back two hours before I leave and I wont see her until I'm back from California. Sad day-ness. I hope your
birthday was filled with drinks and pretzels served by ladies in uniform, a happy nap in an uncomfortable seat and on flight entertainment :)


Starry Bachelor Wars

Today started off as any 'normal' day… did stuff, showered, did more stuff. Then I went along to a pretty planned
Star Wars party by my good friend Sydney. This thing was legit, we even had Star Wars shaped pancakes, yum.
While at said party, I received a phone call from my good friend Oliver, wondering if I could take pictures of the 'whole
gang' that would be attending Bradford's Bachelor Party. So, after the Star Wars party ended, I called and met them
at the local Denny's. This is the only picture where they are all smiling, unfortunately it's a dark one, but I think it adds
to the Star Wars theme of the night, don't you? First Star Wars Party (and seeing Star Wars IV, finally)… CHECK!
First Bachelor party… CHECK (although, I can't decide if I should be proud of that one or not)!

*Prepare yourselves for Bradford's (red plaid guy) reception on Friday… it should be the ultimately ultimatessed (I get suffix happy, okay?)


Fortunate Fortune

I've been cleaning my room the passed couple of days as a result of my room roommate, Nikki, being away for the
entire week off to Lake Powell. In cleaning, I found a couple of fortunes that I kept from a while back. This one by far
beats the cake. What kind of fortune is that? I love collecting them though and trying to figure out some random real
life connection that has to do with me. So I guess I'll be lying low, or just going off to California come Saturday, either one.


The Quinnster

Kayla Quinney… what can I say? This girl is the ultimate awesome bomb, that's what I can say. She's an english
major, obsessed with England and had thee coolest shoe collection I've ever seen (please note the photographed
shoes… am I right?). Tonight, we went back to our old complex for a free cake, free ice cream and free photo op with
the birthday girl herself. Even though her birthday isn't until tomorrow, that will definitely not stop me from featuring her
on my blog. Happy 'tu-tu' birthday dear Quinney. I hope it is spledidly filled with school going and birthday wishing. (I
really hope there aren't too many grammar errors in this post, how embarrassing would that be? So sorry Kayla).


Brown Haired-ed

Today while enjoying a deliciously homemade carrot cake by the one and only Nikki Christofferson, she proceeded
to tell the most hilarious story I have heard in the passed three days. The other day while running to the grocery
store to buy ingredients for said cake she decided to pick up some shampoo and conditioner. Lately the brilliant
brunette shampoo and conditioner by John Frieda has been on sale. She went there first to check the price. After
doing so, she decided to try and different brand and grabbed this bottle, thinking it was for brunettes. Can you see
a problem with this picture? Let's just say her hair was EXTRA curly for church today. I'm going to have to give it a try.


Clowns, Crowds and Crashes

Aw, the Twenty-Fourth of July. What a great day…; I went up to SLC for the Days of '47 parade on a triple date: Brett
& Me, Moroni & Leslie and Nikki & Bart. I haven't been to a good parade in a while. There were some pretty intense
floats there as well as a good amount of marching bands (I love drum lines). I also forgot how much I enjoyed clowns.
They're hilarious, and quite daring… I mean how in the world did this guy even get up there? Tonight we went out to
Mapleton for a fireworks show. We were so close that we had to lay down; they were literally exploding right above
us. I love the 'boom' that happens inside of your chest when you are that close to fireworks. I'm pretty sure that was
the only thing missing from the fireworks show I went to on the Fourth of July. Who knew Mapleton could light it up?!


VIP Networking Conference 2010

Sounds official doesn't it…? Well, it was. My friend Oliver and three of his friends were hosts of said VIP Networking
Conference. It was a way for people to get to know other people in other professions. Everyone brought business
cards and Oliver even did a presentation on 'How To Network Yourself'. It was a pretty swanky party, including:
croquet, non-alcoholic bar (complete with a bartender, my good friend Neil), mini golf, a live band, a waitress carrying
fruit trays and treat trays and they even raffled off people's skills at the end of the night. All in all, I feel quite elite now.


In A Bit Of A Pickle

I must have been a bit distracted today because I didn't take a picture of anything I did today. I did go to my Grandma
Duncan's today for it is her birthday. Nikki and I played card games for hours with her and my Grandpa and also ate
a fantasticly scrumptious supper. Ever since I was little, my grandma has always had pickles on her dinner table.
And whenever we have sandwiches over there, pickles are always provided. Pickle and turkey sandwiches will
always and forever remind me of my Grandma Duncan. Happy Birthday Grandma! You don't look a day over 70
and you're just as gorgeous as ever. I also watched TRON tonight, in preparation for the awesome possum sequel
coming out in December. Can you contain yourself? Now that INCEPTION is over… this is the next one on the list.


New Thing, Old Thing

These glasses remind me of these glasses… no? Nikki got them today while she was showing me around her
grandpa's property. Also, we now are the proud renters of a basement apartment come Fall… finally, stress is gone.


He Can Go The Distance

This is my buddy, this is my pal, this is Oliver. He came over tonight all dressed hilariously from soccer. His shorts
unexpectedly matched his t-shirt. Note: he's never gone to BYU-I, hence the unexpectedness. He is just that cool,
for he bought them at separate times from D.I. (oh, how I long for thrift stores). Oliver is everybody's best bud and
recently got into the Accounting program at BYU (woot for accountants). This friday he is having a sweet party for
networking and such. I just got invited tonight to be the photographer… so very exciting. Here's to you Oliver…


Sparklin' Idaho

Well, this is how they do it… custom jewelry, that is. Actually, there are many more aspects to it. Some of the rings
and bracelets that Lance, my cousin that works here, makes are incredible… and by hand. Also, I went to two Diners
she loves that show. Idaho also brought us to the wonderful Amber! I love me some Amber. And she is all healed
up… she can bend over now, except her back doesn't arch. Her back stays flat when she bends over… Crazy.


Birds For The Birth

Remember those birds I was talking about? Well here they are in all their wonder and glory. Aren't they divine? Hand
sewn by my loving sisters for my birthday. My sisters were joking that they look like cake toppers… oh dear me. At
least they aren't 'ugly birds'. In any case, I think they are pretty adorable and ultimately handmade. I am now in Idaho
having a great night with my Mom, little sister and Nikki. Tomorrow we are going to visit my cousin at his jewelry shop
for Aubrey's new found hobby/business. Do you know what else Idaho means?! I get to see Amber tomorrow… YEET!


BBQ Friends

Good Saturday. "It's super hot outside, make sure you put on your sunscreen. It's supposed to reach 98 degrees."
Pretty silly quote from the DJ from the radio while riding in Nikki's car; just because it's hot does NOT mean you'll
get a sunburn… am I right? Maybe I am still just in a crazy trance from that movie last night. Oh my hotness, this day!



INCEPTION is all I could think about today. A bunch of people from my old ward got a group together to go and see
this movie tonight. So. Freaking. Amazing. I loved it. Also, you like the gigantic green paperclip? I now own it, all
thanks to my terrific friend Sydney. I got a pack of four and some chocolate from her tonight. It was a pretty lazy day
otherwise. I watched 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' for the first time today with Nikki, then took a nap. I then went to a
reception… a girl from my home ward that I've known my whole life. Tis the season for weddings, don'tcha think?



Remember what I looked like six months ago? Well, I can't say I've changed a whole lot (except I've got two more
semesters under my belt and a bit more traveling). Today is my Birthday (obviously) and boy howdy was it a day of
fun. Nikki rode up with Moroni this morning to spend the day with me while he went to work. I attempted to make
lunch for my family, but due to a late start the lunch dish (Humbow's) turned into the appetizers for dinner. I also
made dinner for my family… spicy, sweet and sticky chicken for dinner; we had watermelon and Sara and Bob made
me Pineapple upside down cake… yum. My cute sister's Sara and Aubrey made me these awesome birds for my
birthday. After dinner we walked over to the elementry by my parent's house to play four square and bare foot
soccer. I thank everyone for the sent birthday wishes over various technology and the perfectly handmade cards
from my niece and nephew in Cali. Also, I got sung to twice after the cake was cut. A bit backwards, but I'm just lucky.


Last Twenty-One

Today I received my first Birthday Card of the season from my Grandma and Grandpa Bush. This card is super
intense: it's got ribbons and flowers and glitter and raised flower paper. Very intense. What's even more intensely
hilarious is what's written inside by my Grandpa:

Dear Brooke,

If I was a great big Indian Chief,
And you were my granddaughter,
Your name would not be Brooke,
It would be Princess Running Water.

For that's what a Brooke is, don't you see,
As it merrily rolls along.
It's tinkling, bubbling happy sound
Is almost like a song.

That's you - Love Gr & Gr Bush
(Chief Big Puddle and Squaw Lotta Lake)

So stinking hilarious, eh? I also adore his handwriting. So lucky to have hilarious grandparents in my life… eek it's
my Birthday Eve!



Aren't these earrings smashing? They t'would be made by my baby sister and want to know something else? They
are made from the ends of spoons. That's right, she collects doubles of spoons, forks and knives from D.I. and gets
out all of her snazzy saws and sanders to turn them into earrings. I think it's by golly the coolest thing since
toothbrush bracelets. She recently made a deal with a small boutique in Sandy for them to sell her earrings right in
their shop. So, I'm helping her make her very own business cards while I'm in Sandy this week.These monogrammed
ones are my favorite. If you want a pair, just let me know and I will send you some pictures of her recent makes.
Marvelous, no?


Pink Lady

So remember when Sydney and I laid out at the pool in Reno? Well, we both got super pink. I got pink on my chest,
back, shoulders, legs and arms: Pink Lady Walkin'. Unfortunately, it has faded a bit, but it was much pinker than this.
My sunburn is officially in the itchy stage making it hard to sit still… people probably think I've got ants in my pants or
something… not so, just recently fried. Oh, and I get to go home in the morning for the rest of the week… break out
the noise makers, let the banners wave and the hugging commence.


Homesick, Me?

I don't usually get homesick, in fact, I only remember being homesick once in my whole life, very terrifying, but that's
another story. This morning I woke up around 2AM and just laid there in those comfy hotel beds for three hours. In
those three hours, all I could think about was how excited I was to get home and see all my friends and family. Not
that I don't love them, but any other trip I've been on, I've never felt homesick, not even at sleepovers when I was
little. So when we got to the state line, I was VERY excited, so excited I almost missed it. I loved all the places I've
been the passed ten days, and Sydney is the best road trip companion ever, but I never thought I would say it: I
missed Utah. I've been very focused on moving out of state the passed couple of years, but I think this trip
has taught me that I can't stay away for too long, and if I can, whatever state you are, you've got some competition

other highlights: seeing the salt flats for the first time (drove passed); getting giddy when we got off of I-80 and onto I-15 (civilization!);
coming home to my apartment and seeing my bed made (thanks Nikki); visiting with my old ward; eating smoked corn on the cob; getting
my computer back from Luke (it runs so nicely now, thanks again); getting plowed down by Nikki at ward prayer because she was so
excited to see me (yeah that's right all ya'll that glared at us… I was missed… eat it); helping out a fellow graphic designer; making,
baking and eating ghirardelli brownies with friends; finding out that Spain won the World Cup, even though I didn't watch it, I am happy.


Lazy Saturday

What better way to spend the day after a ten hour drive than to lay in the sun by the poolside of your friendly Reno
hotel. Sydney and I did just that. We were both exhausted from driving… sounds silly, but it is so true. See those
pink tubes that run along the building to the right of this photo? Yeah those are neon tubes and they line the whole
building… hence the reason we could spot it from a mile away.

other highlights: sleeping way in, and by way in I mean into the PM; laying in the dry sun, instead of the humid sun; taking a long cold
shower; eating at a Manhattan cafe in the middle of Nevada; eating a Seinfeld black and white cookie for dessert in said cafe; getting to
watch my first World Cup game since last week, also in said cafe (woot for Germany); being stuffed to the rafters after eating only one
meal for the day; not even being awake for twelve hours and getting ready for bed by 9PM, lame… lazy… call it whatever you want. BAM.


Ten Hours Later

(please say the title of this post in the Sponge Bob Square Pants French narrator voice)

Today we left Portland for our beloved ten hour drive down the coast to Reno. Before leaving, Sydney suggested
that I go and take a looksey at the Portland, OR temple. What a wondrous temple. It has so many spires, and it's so
covered in trees there that you don't see it until you drive around the corner… I love that about up here, so many
trees. We had a long day, but a terrific start at that.

other highlights: sending off more postcards to friends and family; driving through the many forests of California; having it be scorching
hot when we left Washington, and then super rainy while driving through California; getting into Nevada sooner than planned; finding out
that our hotel was super Neon since we spotted it from very far away; getting to sleep in hotel beds with all that heavenly bedding.


Crunchatize Me Cap'n

Voodoo donuts anyone? Ever heard of them? Apparently they're pretty awesome and they've been on the Food
Network a couple of times. They are located in Portland, OR and they are the most random and hilarious donut shop
I have ever been to. They have crazy toppings and the coolest decorations. They had a bubble machine at the
entrance, a coffin made bench and dentist and car seat chairs for outdoor seating. Sydney's was a jelly filled donut in
the shape of a man with a pretzel stick through his heart. Hilarious, eh?

other highlights: sleeping in, again; going over one of the many awesome bridges in Portland; going to Portland, period; going to IKEA
in Portland; eating my very first Voodoo donut; going to Powell's Books in Portland and being able to shop in the Graphic Design section;
walking down Broadway in Portland; whooping everyone in card games and the boys versus girls Scene it, round two.


One Hundred and Two

Today we went to the beach and it reached 102! Seriously? 102 in Washington? Add humidity to the mix and I was
dying like a beached whale. Throughout this trip I have found that humidity and I are NOT friends. He hates my skin
and don't even get me started on my hair. The water was deathly cold… just the solution to such a hot day. Also,
cool factor about this beach: right by the Airport. I could watch planes land and take off all the days of my life.
Another lover: listening to really loud jets take off, I really do enjoy it. They're super loud.

other highlights: sleeping in without any set plans to wake up early for; taking a La Quinta survey; smashed two spiders at breakfast;
wrote postcards to my peeps back home; going to the beach and melting my face off; saw some pretty interesting bathing suited people
at said beach; ate pineapple fried rice at the Thai Orchid; booked hotel in Reno; found out that Sydney and I have more friends in common.


Watch Out Seattle

Sydney and I plowed our way through Seattle today. You name it, we did it. After visiting one of the shops near the
Seattle Aquarium, I mentioned to Sydney that Steven, my cousin, had indicated that there was a sculpture park not
far from where we stood. Well, my not-so-concrete statement and 24 piers later, we made it to the park. Man our
puppies sure where barking, but we got a good, brisk, walk in around the town that I am so fascinated with. This is
the view from the entrance of the park, then the park is a bit of a walk itself… oy vey.

other highlights: saying a sleepy goodbye to Steven; going to Pike's Place; buying vintage postcards at the Seattle Paper Goods Store;
stopping in at 'Holy Cow Records' and getting swooned over their vinyl collection; eating humbow for lunch from an Asian pastry shop;
walked through 'Ye Olde Curiosity Shop' and saw Elephant Poo Paper; walked through the sculpture park and saw another Alexander
Calder; going to the top of the Space Needle; going to the Science Fiction Museum (we saw: Yoda, Terminator, Jurassic Park T-Rex,
R2D2, The Death Star replica, Klingons and other Star Trek Stuff); leaving Seattle and driving to Sydney's sister's house in Vancouver, WA.


Hiya Seattle

Have you ever seen an Octopus in real life? I have never, until today. Sydney and I had a great day at the Seattle
Aquarium. We were just as fascinated as the children ages 5-12 around us. I know I said that I hate seafood, but
dude, I sure love watching sealife.

other highlights: taking down camp after a rainy night; riding a ferry for the first time; talking with Nikki, again; touching a starfish for
the first time; seeing my cousin, Steven, for the first time in two years; taking a shower longer than three minutes after five days of
camping; going to dinner with Steven, Dan and Sydney; seeing 'The Box'; sleeping on a heavenly air mattress after five days of camping.


A Watery Independence

Have you ever watched fireworks over the water before? Being landlocked my whole life has posed a problem when
it comes to accomplishing a 'yes' to the previous question. We went into another port town today for the festivities.
Are you ready for this? Port Angeles. That's right… if you are in any way up with the times you will laugh/freak out as
much as I did when we drove into this town. The ultimate freak out happened when I saw the turn off sign for Forks,
oh Sydney and I had a great laugh with that one. Aren't fireworks the greatest, though? Well, they are even better
over the water; definitely adds to it, don't you think? Happy Fourth of July everybody!

other highlights: eating StarWars shaped pancakes for breakfast (Yoda head, Storm Trooper head, Darth Vader head); finding out that
Sydney had been up all night throwing up clams… yum; seeing a sign at the Port Angeles Goodwill that read 'Alice Donates Here'; seeing
a very diverse parade in Port Angeles (roller derby girls, a steam punk float, taxidermy float, dancing librarians, hippie moms, lots of
interesting mohawks); eating general tso chicken for dinner (that's right, chinese for dinner on the birthday of America); getting two
fortunes in my fortune cookie; seeing that everyone in Port Angeles feels as though they are a celebrity… way to go Stephanie Meyer.



Today was a day of firsts: first time clamming as well as eating my first calm. Now, if you all know me… which I hope
you would, you know that I absolutely cannot handle seafood. It's the issue that I can't eat something that looks the
same dead as it did alive. I mean really, think about it… lobster, crab, clams, oysters, etc. Clamming was very fun
though. You wear boots, get your gardening gear and just dig. It's like a play day at the beach, only you have a
purpose: dinner. I did try a clam, just one though. I'm not one to knock it before I try it. It tasted like very chewy fat. I
then went on to eat a hot dog for dinner… roasted over the fire? Oh dear me yes please.

other highlights: going into Port Townsend and googling at the shops; falling in love at a vinyl store and taking advice from a local;
having marionberry sherbet for the first time; getting some sad news from home and talking to the lovely Nikki; trying something new and
eating s'mores after a fishy dinner.


Country Time

Isn't Washington beautiful? I could live here any day. We drove through the most beautiful countrysides. There is this
one part that we drove through where it seemed everyone had a small lake and a huge vineyard on their property. It
is so lush and green here… I cannot even handle it. Well, I can handle it obviously, since I'm still alive and well.
Sometimes it's great to get away from the city and breath.

other highlights: driving through windmill farms; hitting a creepy, foggy rainstorm before driving through Seattle; buying firewood from
gypsies; pitching a tent with Sydney's help; attempting to make grilled cheese while camping; eating tin foil dinners; camping in the rain.


Sizzling Reject

After a long and determined drive through Utah, Idaho and Oregon we finally made it to our final destination of the
day: Walla Walla, WA. Once we checked into our hotel, we decided to tour the quaint winery town, much to our
amazement, we found this odd duck just sitting in the midst of all the local small town shops and wine tasting
restaurants. Too bad it was closed, I can only imagine the fun that awaits.

other highlights: seeing a semi carrying a windmill blade; watching the guy at the front desk swoon over Sydney's beauty; checking into
a room that smelled of pickles; seeing the crazy sites of Walla Walla; having the lady at Walgreens tell us to get a limo to drive up and
down the road to taste all the wine; getting free chocolate chip cookies in the lobby; making it safely to destination number one.

missed a photo?