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Remember what I looked like six months ago? Well, I can't say I've changed a whole lot (except I've got two more
semesters under my belt and a bit more traveling). Today is my Birthday (obviously) and boy howdy was it a day of
fun. Nikki rode up with Moroni this morning to spend the day with me while he went to work. I attempted to make
lunch for my family, but due to a late start the lunch dish (Humbow's) turned into the appetizers for dinner. I also
made dinner for my family… spicy, sweet and sticky chicken for dinner; we had watermelon and Sara and Bob made
me Pineapple upside down cake… yum. My cute sister's Sara and Aubrey made me these awesome birds for my
birthday. After dinner we walked over to the elementry by my parent's house to play four square and bare foot
soccer. I thank everyone for the sent birthday wishes over various technology and the perfectly handmade cards
from my niece and nephew in Cali. Also, I got sung to twice after the cake was cut. A bit backwards, but I'm just lucky.

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