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Thirty-Two Years

These are my lovely parentals. I got to spend the whole day with them – minus the part where I was at Sam's
homecoming and the mondo nap I had. They are now the proud recipients of the 'empty-nester' title. I don't know how
much they'll enjoy it, they love having people around. I guess this is a good excuse for me to throw more parties at
their house… who's with me? Happy anniversary dear Mom (sports fanatic, interior decorator, hilarious maker, etc)
and Dad (carpenter, jokester, owner of cool things, etc). I wish you the best and many years to come. I love you guys!


  1. Wow, mom and dad really are so awesome. Keep 'em company blut! I'll be seein' ya around... by the way let me know when you have a free minute and we'll try out that skype, I have so much to tell!!

  2. Awesome!

    And I'll come to any party you throw. I keep forgetting that I'm in the area now...


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