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Merwin, The Non-Snowman

Whilst sitting at Stephanie's house, we were plum stumped on what to fill our night with. I mentioned snow painting, 
not actually expecting it to happen. She was sold once I explained to her what 'snow painting' actually entailed. You
take a spray bottle, some food coloring, warm clothes and some hard working spit and voil√†! A Whale will appear, or
rather whatever you plan to sculpt in the snow. It didn't take us long; I know it looks like a masterpiece. We birthed
good ol' Merwin (Moby Dick's cousin) at about 10:45PM tonight. It's he wonderful? He resides on the corner of 
Stephanie's lawn, right by the drive way where all passer-bys may gawk at our amazingly talented snow sculpting skills.


  1. SOOO much fun! We are the coolest amateur snow artists ever.

  2. Jordan and I both think this is awesome.

  3. i read your post to jeff and he laughed out loud; he's now a fan of the name "merwin" and wants to name our child that... thanks a lot ;)


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