my life through a photo a day


This Is Goodbye

I've been meaning all of Christmas break to get a picture of my parents backyard. It has been chuck full of 
untouched snow, and then we got dumped on the passed couple of days, perfect. I love the sight of untouched snow;
so peaceful, clean and dare I say breathtaking? Not to mention the blinding voip that happens when the sun reflects 
off of it (that's called albedo; holla for remembering facts from my general meteorology class). I haven't taken the 
picture until today because I think it best fits the coming in of a new year and my closing of this blog. I still haven't 
decided if I am going to keep going… I guess you'll find out soon. 2010 was good to me; it was filled with amazing 
opportunities,  great classes (and grades), places new and old, people young and old, lots of family, trying new 
things, failures and successes, and shall I end this list with improved photography skills? Yes, yes I will. 

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December; I made it.


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