my life through a photo a day


I Can See Your Halo

Have you ever seen this before? A rainbow around the sun? Pretty rad, eh? This was the phenomenon to see after a
get together of soccer that I went to this morning (a combo of my old and new ward). After soccer, we swam, played
basketball, went to Lehi for a BBQ, came back to Provo for a kickball game and then ended the night plastering
myself with aloe vera. Yummy.


Feelin' The Love

This my friends is my very own homemade cardboard chair. I made it back in Fall of 2008 for my 3D design class.
The only requirements were that it had to support yourself and you could only use cardboard and glue. It thought it
was a pretty sweet chair, until in my last apartment it would just pile up with stuff and was pushed into the corner.
Everyone always asked it it was a desk (?). Then when I moved to my most recent place of residence it has gotten
more compliments than a morbidly obese hog at the state fair. Today, Nikki's family came over for dinner and it
received many a compliments. I feel proud of it again… no that is not a desk, that's a chair!


I'm Salivating…

…literally. Last night my Dad was helping me blow up a basketball for me to take back to Provo and I spotted this
pretty little number behind me and gasped. My Dad then told me that my Aunt Karen (his sister) gave this to him
right before her and her husband left on their mission to Peru. It works perfectly, all it needs is a ribbon. I am so
excited: wouldn't this be the coolest thing for a vintage photo shoot… engagements session even. I finished my
sketchbook today and I may be getting a bit of a modern do tonight from Megan.


Weekly Halloween

This is my favorite D.I. shirt by far! I got it on our last outing to that great place on State Street. It is so comfy and it
has the coolest drawings on it. Thank you Volcom for making such a terrific shirt (my favorite part are the four toes
with the huge orange painted toe nails… how awesome?); thank you mystery person for donating such a wonderful
piece of apparel to my favorite store. I wish I could wear it everyday. Too bad I already wore it today… until next
week, dear shirt, until next week.


Blu And Orange Night

This is by far the easiest and yummiest recipe that I have ever tried. It has been a local favorite with my Moon F3
boys. So much so that they (usually Bradford) bring it up every time I see them, 'When are you going to make
Orange Chicken for us?'. So a couple of weeks ago we set a date for tonight: I would make the orange chicken and
they would let me watch The Dark Knight Blu-Ray on their Blu-Ray player. Although, tonight I tried something new: I
put peas in with the chicken and sauce… the peas soaked up all the sauce so they were very 'punch in the face' sort
of peas; they were still good, I'll probably just put them on the side next time though. And of course, The Dark Knight
was amazing to the max!

[recipe: dice 1 lb. chicken; mix the above ingredients in a bowl; slightly brown chicken; pour sauce in skillet, bring to boil;
reduce heat and simmer until caramelized; serve over rice with peas on the side… ha ha.]


Número Tres

As of today I have exactly seven pages left in my third sketchbook. I am really excited because this has definitely
been my least favorite sketchbook. It is brown through and through and it doesn't make me want to sketch at all. I
have enjoyed it though, even if it is mostly just filled with class notes. I usually fill my sketchbooks with dreams I've
had, crazy things that have happened to me and (being the Graphic Design nerd that I am) glue ins of things that are
designed very well and things that are horribly designed. I'm hoping I can finish it this weekend and get into the crisp
new one my Mom bought me a while back. It is a black covered one with white pages. Goodbye number three!


Reminiscing As Of Late

One of the stipulations for going to New York with the school was that all the students would have to put on a show in
the fall conveying their experiences that they had there. This is because UVU was given a huge donation to the
department for the trip and this is their way of saying thank you (of course having the students do it; I think a great
big thank you card would suffice, no?). So for my project, I am using plexiglass to sandwich everything from each
day (tickets, programs, receipts, shopping bags, etc) on one side and then a journal entry page on the other side of
everything that happened that day. Cool eh?

[note: my cards still aren't working. So, Alishia, the amazing person she is, is letting me borrow one of her cards. I had to retake the
photos I had on my other cards, luckily they were all things that were re-shootable.]


So This One Time…

…my camera flipped out and wont read any of my cards. I really do have pictures to post, they are just locked up
somewhere unknown, my bad. So, I know this is killing you, but I wont be posting any pictures anytime soon. Well,
until my ultimately awesomely smarty pants of a friend can fix it that is. Please don't abandon me, I will be back soon.
Maybe I'll post super snooty jokes everyday to keep you entertained. OH! or better yet: here are some super
fantastic youtube videos. Alrighty then, it. is. settled. Pretty please don't leave me… I can't be alone… ha ha.

Video number one:


Video number two:

Lights Out FHE

So, apparently if you break glow sticks, slice them open and splatter the liquid everywhere this is what it looks like.
It's great, because the liquid doesn't show up when you turn the lights on and an hour later all the glowy stuff fades.
Reminds me a bit of this FHE, eh… Pacha?


Poser To The Max

So, yesterday after the Veintidós de Mayo party, a couple of us went over to the basketball courts to play a little b-
ball. Can you guess what happened from this photo? You guessed it (I think)! I jammed my finger. I feel like such a
poser; I've never had a sports related injury before. I was so excited, that I had everyone at church sign my athletic
tape. Thank you Nikki for being my nurse and tapping me up. And thank you Alishia for taking this picture (I'm a bit
handicapped when it comes to photographing my own hand). Can you tell which one is jammed?


And The Rains Came Down

The rains have been absolutely crazy lately. I love it. This morning we had a very late Cinco de Mayo party in my
ward (actually Veintidós de Mayo to be politically correct) in the sun. Then we went to take photos at our friend's
softball game and it looked like this. Later, while eating dinner at my Aunt's house it was so sunny with hardly any
clouds in the sky. I love it! I love the rain. I hope June is as rainy as last year's.


The Time Has Come

Last Sunday I went to the hospital to visit Amber because she had had her spine surgery the Wednesday before that.
She was doing great. They released her this week and she has been recovering at our old Bishop's home. Today,
Nikki and I went to go and visit her and she showed us her back… itsn't it awesome? If you compare it to those
photos I took before, you can tell that her shoulder blades are parallel now. She now has two shiny rods her her back
keeping it
all lined up.
She named them Rodney and Rhonda. She names everything. Looking mighty fine Amber…
and I cannot wait to take the real "After" photos when her incision is all healed up. So for now: here is the semi-"after" photo. Enjoy.



…with all the cheesy kid grins going around on this blog I decided I should post one of my own. Yep, that's me…
100% cheesy kid grin. Just chillin it out in my parents Black & White bathroom. Hmm? What's that you say? My
hair…? Yes, yes I did get a haircut (thanks for asking), from my dashing young mother of a sister, Sara. It's super
short in the back; it hasn't been this short since 4th grade (my post mullet days). I think this new do calls for some
new hair pieces to spice it up a bit. I declare this summer a headband making summer. Maybe I'll start a club, any takers?


My Main Man

This is Cody, Kylee's brother, my favorite nephew over the age of one and the coolest kid I know. He's always
putting on a show, no matter who is around; tonight we had a party with my Grandma & Grandpa Bush and Aunt
Kristi & Uncle Kent with the works: chinese from Hunan Express. He was constantly dancing around, probably trying
to delay the fact that he needed to go to bed. Best line of the night said by him to my little sis: "Do you want to play
summersault dumbersault? That's when I do TWO summersaults in a row!" Ah, the life of a four year old.

Please also note his awesome pajama shirt… just a solid shirt rubber banded and dipped in bleach. Ima have to make me one of those…STAT!


Check This…

This is her big smile. This is what gives me a big smile: my niece Kylee. I haven't seen her since Christmas. My
sister Tiffany, her husband Steve and their two kids, Cody and Kylee, are in town for the next three days for Steve's
sister's wedding. We had a party for their arrival: pizza and breadsticks, a Super Smash Brothers tournament
between Steve, Bob (my other brother-in-law), Aubrey and I. I didn't win at all. But hey, I'm just glad I have worthy
opponents now.


Double Tracks

I know, I know, I've already posted a rail road track photo, but hey, this is photo has TWO tracks in it. So it's
completely different, not to mention moodier. Alishia took me on another shoot tonight. It was basically just out of the
blue. Tomorrow we plan to go on another shoot (shooting each other… eek). I just may post them. And there is
nothing you can do about it… well I guess you could stop reading my blog. (Please, under any circumstances, do not
take my advice from this post. That is all).


Not Your Typical Twins

That's because they aren't twins. Daniel Bush: my cousin who is leaving on his mission this week. Aubrey Duncan:
my younger sister who is not leaving on a mission this week. Though, when they were little, you couldn't really tell
them apart. They both had the same pitched voice, same laugh and they both had bowl cuts (as a result to the
neighbor boy cutting off all my little sister's hair). Today was Daniel's meeting and he is by far the funniest kid on the
planet. Best opening liner of a talk: "I hate public speaking, and everyone hates the sound of their own voice through
a microphone." I died laughing. This picture is so typical them. They look nothing like twins now… I think that's a good
thing though, thanks to puberty. Good luck Daniel! The Marshal Islands will be immensely blessed by your presence.


Dinner Anyone?

On the weekends we tend to cook and bake together… people have time and it's a good way to make your favorite
things (they tend to have servings greater than one: go figure…). So tonight we decided to make sesame chicken
nuggets with garlic sauce, wantons (most filled with cream cheese, a couple filled with Nutella and three filled with
mixed berry), potato wedges and Alishia made a delicious fruit gratin for dessert. Me oh my what a feast. Oh, and
don't forget, Alishia also made the lime-ade that you can get at Tucanos. Yum-ness. While eating we had many a
visitors that we shared this joyous meal with… they could smell the cooking from across the street. If you're ever
hungry, stop by on the weekend, I'm sure we'll feed you.


Classic Reaction

Your score is 480; you have one chance to beat your old score of 520. With one ball left you go for the 100 cup…
chances are slim… it looks as if it's going to go in. Then, at the last second it rolls out of the rubber cup and rolls ever
so slowly down to the 10 cup, leaving you with no hope of beating your old score. You can still see the ball going into
the 10 cup and the blur is Barrow reacting before his score is even recorded… oh what a let down.

On a lighter note, Barrow, Tolman and I saw Robin Hood tonight… very action-filled. Then we went back to my house
to play arcade games, hence the skeeball. (Also, I beat both of them in double-shot, oh so ever painfully).



It's amazing how home-y stairs can make a place. We have the privilege of having six stairs in our apartment and I
absolutely love it. It's also a great hang out place… right in the middle of all the action. (Please excuse the 1970's
lighting in my apartment).

happy birthday shout out to my best friend, Stephanie Kenner and a super shout out to Alishia-you'll see why later)


One Birthday Down… Three To Go

Out of the six of us living here in our cozy little apartment, four of us will have our birthday while living together. Leah's
was last month and Sasha's isn't until early October. So, here is homage to Aubrie's birthday. Be expecting birthday
posts around the first of June (Nikki's), the middle of July (mine) and the last of July (Alishia's).


Mint. Chocolate. Cake. Ice Cream.

Four great words, when combined… birth this little baby. My roommate Leah is absolutely amazing. She made this
tonight in honor of our roommate Aubrie who is having a birthday tomorrow. Seriously, anything mint is fantastic: a
mint chocolate chip ice cream cake could definitely be the cream of the crop in my book.


Brand Spankin' New Fam

This t'would be my new FHE group. They are the bomb diggidy and there is no denying it. Tonight we had a
wonderful spiritual thought and then on to the game: The Skittle Game. You sit in a circle, everyone has a straw and a
paper cup. There is a bowl in the middle with a bunch 'o skittles in it and you have a set of dice. You go around the
circle rolling the dice: if you roll doubles, you get the bowl from the middle and you have to suck out skittles one by
one into your cup; if you roll a three, you get to start sucking out skittles from your neighbors cup. Then when
someone else rolls a double, everyone sucking out skittles has to stop and the new person gets the bowl (does that
even make any sense? Confused much?).


Happy Mom's Day

Saturday was devoted to making these little puppies. I love making cards. I am not entirely amazing at it (you think I
would be with the whole graphic design thing). And you would think that I would make it on the computer, but there is
something about the look and feel of cut out paper that it just fantastic and very personal. Oh, and there are so many
cards because I made one for my mom (the NFL one), one for my sister, Tiffany (the mini flowered one (she likes
mini things)), one for my Grandma Duncan (the orange one), one for my other sister Sara (the polka dot one (it's her
first mother's day)) and I still need to make one for my other grandma, Grandma Bush. I spent Mother's day at my
Grandma Duncan's where I got to see cousins and my own family… so good, so good.


Don't Eat The Box

Saturday morning: wake up, go to Sam's club, get free samples and run into this bad boy of a box. mmMMMmm,
have you had the chance to play this? It is entirely fantastic to the max… no denying it. Check out the coincidence.


French Braided…

As of late I have realized there a many things that I don't really know how to do. French braiding is definitely on the
list. I never really liked it as a kid; I thought it looked too old fashioned. Then as I got older french braiding became
such a fad that I loved. Yet, I've found it's a bit of a toughy to learn, especially on yourself. So tonight when my little
sister asked me to do a fishtail braid on her, I obliged, thinking it would be much easier than french braiding. As she
walked me through the steps of a fishtail I realized just how painful the braid looked. I decided to master the task and
try and french braid… and this is how it turned out… not too shabby, eh?

(it starts up right before her bangs on the crown of her head, then braids down behind her ear, then along her neck and then finishes in a
side braid over her shoulder)


It's All The Same But Different

Now that I have been to a half week of summer school and I survived the Spring semester (I just got my grades this
week), I feel like I can breath again. So, today I spent just chillaxin' and finally doing things that I haven't been able to
do: empty out my trunk (that's right I am still not all the way moved in), write in my sketchbook (I hit page 100 today…
yay!) all that has happened the passed two months NOT relating to school and napping. Oh naps, how I have missed
you so, especially next to this lovely window with the cool summer breeze. Also, I was able to get some stuff up on
these bare walls. The space is a bit more limited to the last but better than nothing. I still need to find something for
that little hole in the corner… hmm… any ideas?


Best. Action. Shot. To. Date. Eh?

Aw, ward intramural soccer… have you missed it? Only this time it's my old ward. They are The Big Green, yet they
wear white shirts; they played so well tonight: 2-0. This wonderful shot is all thanks to my lovely roommate/cousin,
Alishia and her fantastic super zoom lens. See, we both have Nikons… but she has the one that is a step above
mine, yet we can still interchange our lenses. Oh happy day! I love how Roger is the only guy in focus… also, check
out his batman under armor…pretty fancy, eh?

First day of school was a complete success… a good summer awaits, I can feel it in my bones. Also: feliz cinco de mayo!



Let's just say you can make this out to be whatever you want it to be. But, as a friend always tells me 'if the kettle is
black, I'm going to call it black'. So my shadow, two red balloons and a rusty ol' railroad track walk into a blog…
(trying too hard?). End of the day census: my grandparents are awesome to play games with, going on photoshoots
with Alishia is the and Crunch Cheerios with Very Vanilla Silk soy milk is the most heavenly combination
ever… JUST DO IT! I start school tomorrow… barf?


I'm A Cotton-Headed Ninny-Muggins.

Buddy the Elf has finally arrived back in our sunny living room. We had to leave him with friends when we moved and
it just wasn't the same without him. He is a good reminder of home (our old apt)… seeing how Harvey can't stay with
us and there is no room for all my Mt. Dew bottles. He takes a bit of getting used to for those who have never lived
with a cardboard cut out. Especially Buddy the Elf: eternal creepy grin.


They Be Jammin'

What happens at ward prayer when you break out a guitar? Apparently, at the colony, everyone runs home to get
their instruments. David started struttin' his stuff on his guitar and so Jason ran home and got his drum, which led to
Lauren dashing home to get her keyboard. They all jammed while the few of us that were left stayed and sang. And
what do I do when all this jammin' happens? Well, I break out my camera of course. I think they were a bit caught off
guard: 'photo a day blog' excuse to the rescue, again.


Soiree Saturday (If That's Even Possible)

Spectacular day! First off we (Nikki, Zach and I) tried to find the field where my friend was playing his lacrosse game
today. Couldn't find it; they won their game and they are the conference champions and now they are off to Denver
(go UVU Lacrosse). After that, we made a loverly trip to D.I. (purchases include: sweet volcom t-shirt, sunbeam t-
shirt, old lady messenger/camera bag and a tupperware for our goodie basket this summer. total: $5). Then, Zach
offered to buy us lunch at… drum roll please… JCW's, woot! After a quick change of clothes we were off to Nikki's
cousin's reception (on the other side) over at Thanksgiving point. Then, to top off the night, another quick change
was in order, for we went with Zach to a Post Easter Soiree, where pastels were required. Thus the above photo…
don't they just look smashing?

missed a photo?