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Not Your Typical Twins

That's because they aren't twins. Daniel Bush: my cousin who is leaving on his mission this week. Aubrey Duncan:
my younger sister who is not leaving on a mission this week. Though, when they were little, you couldn't really tell
them apart. They both had the same pitched voice, same laugh and they both had bowl cuts (as a result to the
neighbor boy cutting off all my little sister's hair). Today was Daniel's meeting and he is by far the funniest kid on the
planet. Best opening liner of a talk: "I hate public speaking, and everyone hates the sound of their own voice through
a microphone." I died laughing. This picture is so typical them. They look nothing like twins now… I think that's a good
thing though, thanks to puberty. Good luck Daniel! The Marshal Islands will be immensely blessed by your presence.

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