my life through a photo a day


Getting There

Today I crossed off some major things on my 'to do' list (turn in NY project and buy a parking pass for UVU), finally!
That may seem like a small feat, but I swear, everything in the universe worked against me and I'm sure my perfect
procrastination sure didn't help either. Oh, and I hit page 100 in my sketchbook today; many things have happened
since May 31, 2010 - as you can tell. I can't wait until sketchbook number four is out so that I can start number five.


First Assignment

'First assignment' of the semester is brought to you by my Digital Photography II class. We had to replicate one of the
masters. So I woke up too early for my own good and began my quest to dominate 'first assignment'. I decided to
replicate Edward Steichen's 'Avacados'. After a smidgen of clone stamping, a tintsy bit of dodging, burning and a
small crop later I came up with 'first assignment'. And if I do say so myself… I conquered 'first assignment'. Oh yeah!


It Fits!

After three hours of church that heavenly started at 1PM (oh yeah!) and one delicious nectarine chicken dinner later,
Nikki and I went to go and pick up her dear bird, Harvey. He fits so snuggly between our hall closet and our kitchen.
Now our apartment feels even more homey with a bird's song in the air. Welcome back buddy, we've missed you so.



…do you love me? (most hilarious video ever). So today was the day… we got furniture. I helped my dad this
morning pack up the trailer and we unloaded that stuff like nobody's business down in Provo. Then, later in the day,
Nikki's family brought on the bunk beds. It feels just like childhood now, sleepovers on bunk beds with Nikki…
Classic. Our house is starting to look like a house, rather than super creepy basement apartment with no electricity.


Erin + Barrow

My good friend Brian Barrow tied the knot last Saturday to his smashing bride, Erin. Tonight was their open house up
in Salt Lake. I was asked to take the candid photos; what an honor. Brian looked just grand in his tux and Erin was
absolutely striking in her gown (not to mention how awesome her hair looked). They're off to Idaho tomorrow to live
and attend BYU-I. They're such goof balls. Guy on the left: Ryan, former roommate to Barrow. Sorry Ryan, Erin won.


New York Flashback

Remember that New York project I had to do? Oh, well, yeah, I just finished it tonight. I'm awful; the summer just ran
away from me. I'm actually quite pleased with the way it turned out. With a slight hint of regret that I didn't do it a way
that I just thought of after I finished it. Oh well, I'm not going back now: it's already two days late. Pictured is this day.



Oh, first day of school. It was definitely a bit of a rocky one, but I got it all figured out. I'm actually quite excited, even
though I've only had one class and it's not even for my major. I came across my record collection today while moving
around my small portion of things from the move. The 'Men At Work' one was my very first one that I bought last
year. The other four I bout this year on my trip to Seattle, from various place. There's a pretty sweet story to go along
with my 'Mother Lode' record. I'm excited to listen to them someday. I don't own a turntable, definitely poses a problem.


The Basement

Ah, we got to move in today. Quite the interesting experience, I tell you. Since we moved in early there was only
electricity in one half of our apartment. The side without the electricity was the bedroom that Nikki and I share, the
kitchen, the bathroom and the living room. Luckily, the side that did have electricity had the water heater. So we
improvised: a lantern in the bathroom and a sleepover in Bethany's room. Check out the random chair outside of
the bedroom that Nikki and I share. Doesn't she model it so well? We're so looking forward to furniture on Saturday.


Large Fowl

Check out my Big Bird shirt… I found it this weekend while cleaning out my room back in Sandy. It's clear back from
when I worked at Build-A-Bear. I have so many shirts from there. I just kept finding them. It's like I stashed them in
every nook and cranny from my Raintree move. Speaking of moving… I get to move into my new place tomorrow! I
am so stoked; moving in early has got to be the best 'going back to school' present I've ever received. Thank you
Bethany's dad and thanks again to my Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Kay. And yes that's a spill on my shirt – darn ice.


Thirty-Two Years

These are my lovely parentals. I got to spend the whole day with them – minus the part where I was at Sam's
homecoming and the mondo nap I had. They are now the proud recipients of the 'empty-nester' title. I don't know how
much they'll enjoy it, they love having people around. I guess this is a good excuse for me to throw more parties at
their house… who's with me? Happy anniversary dear Mom (sports fanatic, interior decorator, hilarious maker, etc)
and Dad (carpenter, jokester, owner of cool things, etc). I wish you the best and many years to come. I love you guys!


A Tribute To The Baby

…my baby sister that is. Today, she packed bags, boxes, cars, coolers and everything else, then left with our
parents for Snow College. She's been my best bud through thick and thin, and now she's gone. I can't believe how
grown up she is, not to mention how far away she is. This mirror was waiting in the hallway to leave with the moving
entourage from her old bedroom. I hope she remembers all the messages on it and that she will faithfully use Skype.
Now, I'm the closest one living to my parents… which is crazy because, up until last year, I was the farthest one
away out of all the kids in the family. Now, all my sisters are far far away: don't forget me dear sisters…


Cautionary Black Hole

Living between places has caused my room at home to be a black hole. I've lost so many things in it; I cannot find
anything. There's stuff left over from previous moves and things waiting for my new move… shoved into one little
space. This sign has hung above my closet since the sixth grade. I always found it silly because my room used to be
immaculate… I could tell if one thing was out of place. Now, it's just ironic. I can't wait to move and get back into routine.


Old Man Snoring

It finally rained. I know the clouds have been wanting to for some time, but it finally happened. I played in the rain a bit,
but it's not as fun by yourself and I don't think it's as accepted here in Sandy. Lot's of drive by glares up in here.


Dennis Lagoonichstein

(Left to Right: Alishia, Brett, Moroni, David, Nikki, Aubrey and Alex)

Well it happened… we went to Lagoon today. Brett, Nikki, Aubrey, Alex (Nikki's little brother) and I drove up there in
the morning and then Alishia, David and Moroni came up after they got off work. The packed lunches were a hit and
we still had plenty for dinner. The rides were terrific and it was overcast for the latter part of the day. Moroni played
the fast pitch game and won all of the girls blow up bats. Also, best part: the Samuri was opened! Afterwards, a good
old fashioned Denny's visit. I'm pretty sure we were all pooped at this point, but they were sports for my 'photo a day'.

(Alex is holding my bat and Moroni won an extra bat. Just clearing up that Brett and Alex are NOT girls)


Guess Where I'm Going Tomorrow?!

You guessed it… LAGOON! I know the picture gave it all away, but just let me expound, pretty please? Tonight I was
up a bit longer than needed making lunches for tomorrow. A whole slew of us are driving up there in the morn and
lunches were definitely in order. Are you so stoked? I know I am. I can hardly sleep. Also: people are great, some
people are not so great. In the end, just be great. Okay, great talk. Now, I'll got to go prep my stomach for roller coasters.


Only Slightly Homeless 2.0

Remember back in April when I was in between places and needed a place to stay? Well it's happened again, only,
thankfully, it's not so stressful. My contract at the Colony ended on the 13th and I can't move into my new place until
the 28th. Here's the lovely twist that always comes when I move: I start school on the 25th. Oh yeah! So my lovely
Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Kay (Nikki's parents) are so graciously letting me stay here until then. I have the greatest
family. Bonus to staying here… I get to stay in the spray paint bedroom. I hear they're going to paint over it soon, so
I'm glad I got in on the action and was able to document it before it disappears. Summer is almost over… blarney stone.


Oh My Stars…

…how I LOVE Jell-o. It has been too long my friend, especially you, blue raspberry. The night was spent with Oliver,
Brett, Moroni and Nikki. My how those boys can fire up a 60 degree apartment with heated political debates. I just
enjoyed my Jell-o. Nothing can take me away from this yummy bliss, not even politics. I'm proud to be an American.


Me and My Cousins

(I hope when you read the title, you get that song stuck in your head, eh?)

It was decided at my sister's going away party that the cousins on the Duncan side were in dire need of a good ol'
fashioned cousin party. It would have been ultimately legit if it had been a sleepover, but it was a Saturday and some
of us might be a little too grown up for that. The night was filled with Fill or Bust (terrific dice game), Grandma snacks,
brownie making and the above photo. My little sister, Aubrey, does these cool thread dread things in your hair with
embroidery floss. You choose your colors and she does the tying, she even taught Nikki how to do it. Almost all the
girls got one. She offered it to the boys, but they turned her down… I wonder why. Oh, how I adore my cousins.


What I Shall Miss…

Oh, the Colony. We definitely had some good times here. I'll miss: having a lawn, having stairs, having 2 bathrooms,
being so close to the mountains, getting a premo parking spot everyday, stoop sitting, street activities, impromptu
BBQ's, random wall decorations, our silly fridge, our crazy FHEs, having a basketball court in my backyard, random
roommate dinners, late night laughing fits, the perfect Sunday (every week) and having a great bishopric. I'm so
lucky. Good-bye Colony. It's been a terrific summer… time for a new chapter and more completely awesome photos.


Packing. Day 2

This is us, after an entire day of packing. Well, I packed all day, Nikki and Alishia had to work as well. Don't we look
scrumptious? And by scrumptious I mean dead beat tired with a side of exhaustion and wanting to go to bed for a week.


Boxes Boxes Who's Got The Boxes

My day was spent… packing, gathering, loading, unloading, driving, riding, etc. Oh, moving, sure wish I had the
motivation to cross you off my list. But alas, I don't. Another day of packing will be spent tomorrow. And cleaning the
next. I wont be offended if you don't tune in the next couple of days. I don't foresee this being all that exciting. My bad.


Ultimate Souvenirs

Remember when I said I would show you those souvenirs that Alishia brought me? Well here they are in all their
grandeur. The coke can is so legit… World Cup Coke from World Cup Country. There is the hand carved bracelet.
Then there is the keychain on my keys that had my name carved into it. You can't see it, but all around the ball there
are three animal profiles carved into it: you can see the osrich one, then there is a giraffe and an elephant, as well.
Alishia is so great; the keychain is my birthday present; she brought back a bunch of bracelets for everyone to
choose from; the coke was an added bonus, my love for World Cup stuff I suppose… and it's still full. Thanks Leash.


The Wealthys

Bob Rich, Sara Rich and Duncan Rich: super duper, awesome possum family soon to embark on moving far far
away to live near the Cramer Clan. Tonight was their going away party, oh how I shall miss them so. Bob has always
reminded me of Ben Stiller, Sara will always be a constant mentor for life decisions and Duncan is just as cute as a
button. I am so fortunate to have both my sisters who are out of state to be right down the street from each other.
That way if I get some swanky job in Pittsburgh I can visit all my older siblings at once… until then, Provo it is.


Seeded Sunday

What a busy Sunday after such a magnificent trip. And what better way to end it than with fresh watermelon and corn.
It's my last Sunday here, for the Colony is kicking me out Friday. We hosted many a people and I found a home for
my cardboard chair, as I will be in between places, again, for fifteen days. Ugh moving, yum watermelon, seeded of course.


'Ta' To The 'Hoe'

One terrific night's rest later, this was the sight to see. It's so blue, and with the mountains and the sky… this sight
is a monochromatic heaven. We didn't get to go out on the lake because of our long drive, but the sight did suffice.

other highlights: seeing Cave Rock; getting a picture of the Duncan Family reunion sent to my phone; knowing we were missed at said
reunion; seeing the Salt Flats at dusk; arriving home safely after a most fantastic family trip.


Golden Fog

The Golden Gate Bridge was so terrifically eerie today. The upwelling created such a fantastic mood, I probably
would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't been so butt freezing. I would have walked the entire thing, if it weren't for the
previous sentence. My Mom, however, ran the bridge, up and back. What a lady… good-bye San Francisco.

other highlights: saying good-bye to the Cramer Clan; going to Pier 39; seeing Alcatraz; eating sour dough soup bowls at Boudin; eating
a bucket of doughnuts from Trishi's mini doughnuts; hearing my Mother's story of her encounter with a former Oakland Raider's player;
watching a caricature artist at work; shopping for souvenirs; riding down Lombard Street; bundling up just for a bridge; getting into Lake
Tahoe late into the night.



Monterey Bay: Butterfly capitol of the U.S., which is ironic because I didn't see one butterfly, just a whole lot of sea
life. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is sweet to the max, way bigger than Seattle's and I loved walking through it with
Cody and Kylee. Every time I showed Kylee an aquarium full of fish, she would reply, 'I want more fishies.' Done.

other highlights: seeing the following at the aquarium: sand dollars, hammerhead shark, cuddle fish, sting ray, purple sea urchin,
anchovies, jellyfish, octopus (although these guys were puny compared to Seattle), flamingos, sea turtle, sea horses and many more;
catching Bob's reaction to his Zoltar reading; playing 5 Crowns with the siblings.


First, You Take The Mallow

My dad brought a bunch of pvc pipes and connectors to make marshmallow guns for Cody's birthday. Today was
our chill day to relax and unwind. And by unwind I mean shoot mallows into Aubrey's mouth… check out her shades.

other highlights: sleeping in; watching the Price Is Right (I miss Bob Barker); hearing about the Oakland A's game my parents went to;
playing Skip-Bo with Bob, Steve, Aubrey and Cody then getting whooped by Cody; finally singing to Cody and having brownies and ice
cream instead of Birthday cake… way better; watching Wipe Out with the fam.


Beach Beach Bo Beach

Rio Del Mar Beach, the fairest in the land. Greatest beach I've ever been to, hands down. We got to grace it with our
presence for the entire day. Once we got there, Steve and Bob (my brothers-in-law) went and bought a skim board.
Bob and Aubrey boarded for hours. Sand and water, you make such a terrific pair, thank you for your love affair.

other highlights: watching Steve and Aubrey light saber fight on the beach; seeing the ocean again; helping Cody build sand arches;
taking pictures like crazy; seeing dolphins; going to Pizza My Heart; Skyping with the roomies.


Six Flagged Exhaustion

Isn't she adorable?! Kylee was pooped before we even arrived at Six Flags, today. I don't blame her, it was a bit of a
long drive. Even then, it was completely worth it. Although, I think the adults had a bit more fun than the little chil'ens.

other highlights: getting to ride in the car with Cody and Kylee; going over my first Californian bridge; riding Medusa, Kong, Roar and
Tony Hawk's Big Spin; being one coaster load of people away, and then having the ride break down some how (we were the unlucky
charm of the day); eating Panda in the park; riding Thomas the Train with Cody; going to a tiger show; getting splashed by Shouka, the
killer whale of the park… that splash zone is legit.


Oakland Spires

After the church festivities we all made our way to the Oakland temple, which is absolutely breathtaking. Especially
since you can get the ultimate view from the top. Three generations above, walking towards the Temple, how great!

other highlights: going to all three hours of church; going to the Visitor's Center and seeing a new Book of Mormon artist as well as over
200 different languaged Books of Mormon; eating homemade food from Tiffany & Steve (it's been a while); hanging out with all three of
the kids I am an aunt to at the same time… oh joyous occasion for me.

missed a photo?