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Six Flagged Exhaustion

Isn't she adorable?! Kylee was pooped before we even arrived at Six Flags, today. I don't blame her, it was a bit of a
long drive. Even then, it was completely worth it. Although, I think the adults had a bit more fun than the little chil'ens.

other highlights: getting to ride in the car with Cody and Kylee; going over my first Californian bridge; riding Medusa, Kong, Roar and
Tony Hawk's Big Spin; being one coaster load of people away, and then having the ride break down some how (we were the unlucky
charm of the day); eating Panda in the park; riding Thomas the Train with Cody; going to a tiger show; getting splashed by Shouka, the
killer whale of the park… that splash zone is legit.

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