my life through a photo a day


Waffle Thursday

So every Thursday night, Sam's brother puts on 'Waffle Night'. A gathering of all who love to eat waffles while
indulging in fascinating conversation with some pretty rad people. Some of those rad people include my attractive
friend Charlie (newly Holmberg). Doesn't she model her waffle so well? Also note her completely hip (do people even
use the word 'hip' anymore?) pink rimmed glasses. Not to mention this cool cat has scene hair. Yeah, who is cool
enough to have that? Um, she is. Also, before the waffles were even done half the crew went out to grab the McDonald's
Feast. How funny is that? Waffles and nuggets… a recipe for clogged arteries and the ultimate cholesterol combo.


CHECK Please

To Do Lists… my sketchbooks are filled with them. I don't usually ever have a finished one before I make a new one
only a couple of pages later. They usually end up unfinished until I go back months later through old sketchbooks
and check them off (yeah, I'm THAT weird). This one, however, I feel a little more accomplished with (yes, I know it's
still not done; it's a list for the week and it's only wednesday). You see how there are ten things checked off on this
list? Well boy howdy, I'll have you know that half of those things were done today. Very VERY productive for how late
my day started off. Oh, and watching movies with director's commentary is the (I watched three movies
tonight while doing homework with that feature on. They tend to go by a lot faster, too). Hello tomorrow, ready or not.


Neon Laughs

This is what I wore today… my super neon sweatshirt that I got this day in California and my electric blue converse.
I was feeling pretty snazzy; I had critiques today in all of my classes and had plum forgot about it until I arrived to said
classes. I forgot how much fine art critiques can lift your spirits (printmaking). They actually really loved my print, go
figure. I also forgot how much graphic design critiques can lift your spirits when you have uber confidence in your
designs. I think it had to do with all the neon… it's my confidence armor; I stand out… above the crowd. While walking
to institue I ran into an old dear friend of mine; brought back good memories. I had home teaching tonight… entirely
splendid. Then on the way out to go on our nightly walk, we ran into Porter, who was bringing us a house warming
gift. Dear me, first one of the season. We then jogged to his house for juice, nuts and side splitting laugh attacks–hard core.


It's Ink, Not Paint

I made my first edition of prints tonight for my printmaking class. I'm really enjoying it, although I wish I had done a
cooler print than this. It's just sections of muscle diagrams. Oh well, this linocut is the only one we'll do and then it
will be onto copper plate prints… yum. Got my new clear only-have-to-wear-at-night retainer this morning. Yay for
no more floss threaders. And hallelujah for mothers and their unbreakable habit of spoiling their children when they
come home for a short period of time. I think the majority of the fridge and freezer are filled with my morsels, my bad.


Halloween Is A Comin'

Does this plate of cake cookies make you as giddy as a school boy for Halloween? I made them today right after
church for break the fast. I just made up the recipe and felt pretty darn fantastic that they turned out… unlike my
sorry-of-a-try at my rainbow-chip-cake-encounter with my tiny-man-oven. Hello Halloween and hello Conference!

Also a Happy Birthday shout out to my dear Grandpa Bush, who always has a random joke on the tip of his tongue to make your day.


Mormonad And Me

This Mormonad was made just for me… seeing how long I slept on Wednesday. Oh, and that's how long I slept today.
We found this ad this passed summer when we were making our goal posters. Nikki added the 'W' to it. Don't you love it?
Now I just need to find a place to hang it… under Nikki's bed maybe? Seeing how I'm on the bottom bunk… yeah!


Charlie Bit Me

That would have to be the most viewed youtube video while living with miss Stephanie Kenner

So picture this… I'm minding my own business, just walking along down the grassy hill on the south side of the Norda
Theatre on UVU campus when BLAM-OH: I feel a sharp sting, like a needle prick, in the side of my right calf. I didn't
think much of it; I thought it may have been a pine needle or something, kicked up in my gusto of a walk. So, I get into
the print lab and work on my touchstones submission. The side of my leg begins to throb and itch. Unfortunately,
I'm wearing skinny jeans, which does not help the swelling. I could barely see the puncture wound and man was it red
and super swollen. I hurriedly finished my submission so that I could dash home to change into shorts. When I did…
this is what it looked like. I'm not sure who/what bit me. I know it doesn't look like much, but it was so swollen under
the skin that my calf was very sore and tight. I couldn't really do much (walking killed), so I just hung out with Porter,
used his internet, did homework and watched him play this Dragon Quest game that didn't even have dragons in it.
All I know is he is the fairest Gray Warden in all the land and he can defeat any creepy purple demon you throw at him.


Yellow Mediator

I'm pretty sure my calling in life is to be a yellow light… or rather a mediator. This comic explains it perfectly. Today
was definitely one of those days when you think about something that recently happened you then realize that it was
only earlier that day that it happened. I sure hope the bulk of the angst atmosphere is over, because I'm starting to
turn into a red light rather than a yellow light. Yes, I'm hiding behind my metaphor… just trying to keep things light-hearted.


Flamingo Slumber

This is what I woke up looking at today. My pillowcase… yeah, yeah, I know, I know, another pillow post. But I have
good reason. I have got the pre-sickness going on, the congestion is coming from all sides. Everyone and their dog
is either coming off 'the sickness' or just getting started. So, today I woke up at 2PM, you heard me correctly. Good
thing I didn't have class until 3:45. I probably could have slept more if I hadn't had class. Oh, and I'm feeling much better.


I Only Speak The Truth

Have you ever been to a Sitar Concert? I have, as of today. Porter had to go for his Asia Humanities class and invited
me along. Apparently, this guy has been doing this his whole life and you can't learn to do it unless it is passed down to
you from your above generation. He flew in from India just for the concert and then he is flying back tomorrow. He
kept talking about how humble he was to be there, yet he is this big guy who is known world-wide and has won all of
these awards and has such an amazing talent and he feels fortunate to be sitting here in Provo, performing in the DeJong
Concert Hall. What a guy, that Nishat Khan. His friend, Nitin Mitta, played the tabla. Only the coolest drums in the world!


Meat Sweats

Isn't that the most disgusting thing you've ever heard of in your life… 'meat sweats'? That's what Porter refers to
whenever we talk about the 50 McChicken Nugget deal at McDonalds. Apparently you can get 50 for only ten dollars,
but if you pay five more dollars you can get two drinks and two fries. This was the event of the night and David was
the devouree of all that crazy 'meat sweat' causing food. Pardon my lens flare, but I think it adds to the angelic-ness.
It's like a 'Behold The Power Of Cheese' photo. Only it's processed, fried and carbonated. I dare you to go do this.


Burning Skyline

While on a walk this evening–this was the sight to see. There must have been a fire somewhere in Utah County
because the clouds we so thick and the sunset was so… so firey? Is that the word I'm looking for? I submit that it is.


Spare A Dance Dance

Today was filled with too much homework in the beginning. Then on to a terrifically successful photo shoot with
Amber and her roommates (complete with a giant yellow balloon). After that I dashed back for a double date: Matt &
Mary and Sam & I enjoyed a couple of competitive games of Fat Cats Bowling. Afterwards Matt challenged Sam,
the master of all electronic dancing, to a Dance Dance Revolution Duel. Sadly they both failed on Heavy. That's okay
because we had Marie Calendar's Pie awaiting our arrival at my apartment. Good day; good night; good week;


Button Button…

Who's got the button (weird childhood game)? I talked on the phone quite a bit tonight–many a things planned for the
day after today. When I have long conversations I tend to pace the room. While pacing I start cleaning. In cleaning
my room I found three more buttons to put on my totally awesome messenger bag ($1 D.I. find… holla!). The yellow
one I got in Portland; the baby face and the old man are both randomly from my Canadian roommate a few years
back; the red, white and blue ones are from a design studio we visited in NYC… I am such a giddy sucker for SWAG.


Commence Giddiness

After a ridiculously long night at Sydney's and a terribly long day at school running on only a couple hours of sleep
I came home to eat dinner. After enjoying that and eating a lovely popsicle I noticed this little puppy sittin on the end
table by the door. I freaked out… maybe a little too much, but hey, lack of sleep will do that for you. This t'would be
a letter from my dear friend Ian who is out serving a mission in ol' St. Louis. It even has pictures, (as you can see
from the photograph) and it was typed on his type writer that he got a thrift store. Totally worth the day for this…yay.

(Oh and happy day to my sweet sister Sara… it is her birthday and I got to talk to her, Cody, Kylee and Tiffany today.)


Good Morning Star Shine…

Tremendous day. Our apartment received these wonderful flowers to brighten the stark whiteness that is our
kitchen, and by our apartment I really mean Nikki (but that's another story). I have a homework party set up tonight
with Sydney and I know that is bound to beastly… remember all those thumbs I need for tomorrow? Yeah. I also got
one of those 'slap in the face' talks in my Digital Photography class today (we talked about what in the world our plan
is after we graduate). I'm so terrified but also very excited. I can't believe it's only Wednesday… oh my long week.


Cardigan Cookie Party

Tonight some old friends from my previous ward (not the Colony, but Alpine Court) threw a Cookie Party in their new
basement apartment. It was such a fun party. And it turns out that Barrow's brother is in their ward. Their apartment
is decorated so awesomely. Camille (the one who made all the cookies) had this hanging in their hallway. One of my
favorite paintings and it even has a little dome light for it… just like an art museum. Thanks Camille, Bekah and Rachelle.


Two Hundred Down

And two hundred to go. For my Graphic Design II class we are working on two different logos. For the first logo we
had to do two hundred logos that are due tomorrow and for the second logo we have to do two hundred more that
are due on Thursday. Oh my blah. It's a great exercise but sometimes it can definitely fry the brain. My first logo
(pictured above) is a hypothetical company that I made up that takes old dresses that people donate to them (much
like the D.I.), takes them apart and completely reconstructs them into modern dresses to sell. I named the company
Kyanna Collection. I sure wish there was a real store like that: inspiration for the company, my beloved Project Runway.


Walking Illuminations

Tonight, Alishia and I did more night shots. We got some sweet ones that you will have to check out on my facebook
page. But this one, even thought it was an accident, looks like a bunch of walking men in baggy jumpsuits… no?


Reality Check

Aren't my parents absolutely fantastic? They were both up for phone upgrades but for the sake of my sanity as well
as my little sister's they gave them to us… that, and they really like their phones. So my sister and I have twin
phones, again. But if you all remember my last phone (the samsung sway) you know that the battery life was less
than twelve hours and whenever the temperature dropped under 75 degrees the screen would go all fuzzy. So I ask
you to welcome to the family the Samsung Reality. Isn't he beautiful. I don't think I will ever need a new phone again!


He's Just A Little Guy

'PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!…itty bitty living space.'

I think that about sums up my oven. I tried making a most scrumptious rainbow chip cake for our AIGA Opening
Social tonight (which was a hit by the way: croquet, raffle, pop, treats, designer company, etc). It was going to be
perfect because i even had the rainbow chip icing to go with it. About half way through the baking process I smelled
just a titch of burntness. I opened the oven door and the whole apartment flooded with smoke. The cake was perfect
in the middle, it was just encased in a charcoal black shell. Let's just say, thank goodness for Manager's Special Cakes.


Putt Putt Mannequin

Tonight, Sydney, Lauren and I went downtown to the Art Center for the AIGA Putt Putt miniature golf course they had
set up. Each hole was done by a local artist and this one by far was my favorite. I felt so swanky; they even had us
put on little footsie booties over our shoes, as to not dirty the installations. They later had a raffle and Lauren gave me
one of her tickets because she bought three and I ended up winning an 'IDEA+OLOGY' book. Complete stokage
after that. You should all check it out… the course will be up until the 16th and, excitingly enough, it is free. Go. Now.


Add Cardin'

This is the add card that has been sitting in my backpack for some time now. I am officially added into my Digital
Photography II class. I am so stoked for it because I have it with Alishia. The line was ridiculously long today. Luckily
I had Sydney with me in line to keep me company as well as very strange dancers infront of us that were interesting.


Chair Threesome

I FINALLY picked up my chair on Sunday from Dan (the guy from my Colony ward that was housing my throne for
me while I was in between places). It now fits soundly between our bamboo chairs, which, by the way, are the most
fantasticly comfy chairs in the universe. The one on the left is Nikki's and the one on the right is mine (a hand-me-
down from my sister, before she moved). Do you like our foam pads behind the chairs? We make them into a couch
for special occasions… those being only when we have lots of people over. So yeah, that was once. Come along.


Wavin' Night Shots

Alishia and I went out tonight to do some more night shots in Downtown Provo. They are definitely a lot harder than
you would think. But it's a required practice for our Digital Photography II class. While Downtown we found some flags
all in a line by the Tabernacle for the Latin Festival going on this passed weekend. After that, we rushed back to my
apartment to say good-bye to our good friend Brett 'Bretterson' Palmer. He's starting up at BYU-I against his will this week.


Who Knew Real?

My good friend Angie had to go away this weekend; She has season tickets for Real Salt Lake. What does this
mean? She gave those lovely tickets to me. Oh my wootedness. So who did I take you may ask? Probably the most
sportsy person I know: Porter Hoskins. We both had never been to a game. It was great, we scored in the first three
minutes and held them off all the way until the end. Now I can say I've actually been to a professional soccer game…
I am an official soccer fan. I feel so dubbed. Thanks again Angie and thanks again Porter. Great Saturday, eh?


HD Truck Tours

HD Truck Tours are given by the talented David Wehle and brought to you by BYU Women's soccer. That's right
ev'rbody, I got to tour the HD truck where all the magic happens for broadcasting all events BYU right before the
game tonight. There is some massively expensive equipment in there. Not to mention how hilariously Mr. Stokes
models all those shiny buttons and swanky screens. I was so giddy all day for that tour, thanks again David.


Not So Lucky Retainer

My semi-permanent retainer from behind my top teeth fell out today while eating a tootsie roll (thanks a lot Sydney…
joking). Yes, this was the only thing that really happened to me today worth documenting. Although, my dinner was
bought for me tonight (thanks a lot Sydney… literally); there was a terrific lecture session at UVU; I got to talk to my
dear sister for the first time since she moved… haroo; My room is finally unpacked after a week of living out of bags
and boxes. Now I can breath and floss without floss threaders. Nice thursday… the weekend should be a grand one.


Colored Rain

No, it didn't rain today, although I wish that it had. I sat at the AIGA booth for club rush this morning with Sydney and
Bill. Since it was Wolverine Wednesday they gave you a free spin on the wheel of free stuff at Center Stage. I was
wearing this jacket and I had to fight the girl a bit to convince her that it was, in fact, green. I won a free 32 oz from
Scoops. I had this green raindrop on my had all day. Wouldn't it be great if it rained green? I think I would really love it.

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