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Charlie Bit Me

That would have to be the most viewed youtube video while living with miss Stephanie Kenner

So picture this… I'm minding my own business, just walking along down the grassy hill on the south side of the Norda
Theatre on UVU campus when BLAM-OH: I feel a sharp sting, like a needle prick, in the side of my right calf. I didn't
think much of it; I thought it may have been a pine needle or something, kicked up in my gusto of a walk. So, I get into
the print lab and work on my touchstones submission. The side of my leg begins to throb and itch. Unfortunately,
I'm wearing skinny jeans, which does not help the swelling. I could barely see the puncture wound and man was it red
and super swollen. I hurriedly finished my submission so that I could dash home to change into shorts. When I did…
this is what it looked like. I'm not sure who/what bit me. I know it doesn't look like much, but it was so swollen under
the skin that my calf was very sore and tight. I couldn't really do much (walking killed), so I just hung out with Porter,
used his internet, did homework and watched him play this Dragon Quest game that didn't even have dragons in it.
All I know is he is the fairest Gray Warden in all the land and he can defeat any creepy purple demon you throw at him.


  1. Weird... could a bee sting you through your pants?

  2. I don't know, it's a concave bite…
    aren't bee stings more convex and above the skin?


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