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CHECK Please

To Do Lists… my sketchbooks are filled with them. I don't usually ever have a finished one before I make a new one
only a couple of pages later. They usually end up unfinished until I go back months later through old sketchbooks
and check them off (yeah, I'm THAT weird). This one, however, I feel a little more accomplished with (yes, I know it's
still not done; it's a list for the week and it's only wednesday). You see how there are ten things checked off on this
list? Well boy howdy, I'll have you know that half of those things were done today. Very VERY productive for how late
my day started off. Oh, and watching movies with director's commentary is the (I watched three movies
tonight while doing homework with that feature on. They tend to go by a lot faster, too). Hello tomorrow, ready or not.

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