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Waffle Thursday

So every Thursday night, Sam's brother puts on 'Waffle Night'. A gathering of all who love to eat waffles while
indulging in fascinating conversation with some pretty rad people. Some of those rad people include my attractive
friend Charlie (newly Holmberg). Doesn't she model her waffle so well? Also note her completely hip (do people even
use the word 'hip' anymore?) pink rimmed glasses. Not to mention this cool cat has scene hair. Yeah, who is cool
enough to have that? Um, she is. Also, before the waffles were even done half the crew went out to grab the McDonald's
Feast. How funny is that? Waffles and nuggets… a recipe for clogged arteries and the ultimate cholesterol combo.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, compliment-blog fest. XD Thanks :D

    It was awesome to see you there!!


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