my life through a photo a day


Happy Halloween…Original, No?

This was taken at about 12:30AM. Just clarifying that we did NOT wear this to church today. Bethany was an
eighties girl, although I don't think the blood veined eyeballs were part of her original outfit. Nikki was a masquerade
attendee (recognize her mask?). And I was a mime. Happy Halloween everyone. Weird that it was on a Sunday, eh?


Unexpected Shatters

This is definitely not the first thing that came to my mind this morning when my Mom shouted to me in such a sleepy
state. "We need to call the Police!" she exclaimed, quickly, as she poked her head into my bedroom. I first thought
that something had happened to my Dad, was he shot? sick? gone? No, we would call an ambulance for that. Next
I thought that my car had been stolen; my mom had mentioned something about my car. I went outside and thankfully
my Father (alive and well) was standing next to my 97% all the way there car. Apparently in the night, some hooligans
decided to throw a rock through the passenger side window; they threw it so hard that it made an indent in the driver's
side door. The rock was still in there, however, my ipod and cord weren't so fortunate–they didn't make it…stolen. It
was an interesting morning; none of us got all that we wanted to get done because of this little set back. The police
came and later the window guy came. My car window was in place and good as new just in time for the rain. So good.


Mother Knows Best

Have you forgotten about my lovely obsession/hobby of collecting/whatever you want to call it with soda bottles? Well
my Mom sure didn't, for I came home to this sweet, ahem I mean 'spooky' box of super vintage bottles of soda that
she got at World Market (love that place). Guess what else she got at World Market…? The sweet closet door knobs
that almost exactly remind me of the illustrations from the tattoo exhibit I went to last night. I absolutely love them, and
they completely match my bedroom. What a perfect Halloween gift; way better than candy. Happy Halloween Eve Eve.


Masking Tats

This was us at the end result of today… boy we sure had a busy one. We went to class this morning until about 3PM.
We then went to Sydney's for her to pick out what to wear tonight, ate lunch, ran to the costume shop, went back to
school. After lectures we scrambled up to Salt Lake City (with some minor detours; West Temple is mucho freaky
the more south you go) for this bad boy of an AIGA event–I got the most beautiful poster out of it. After that party we
drove to Lindon, picked up my dress from Angie, went to my cousin's house to change and then attended the coolest
masquerade ball I've ever been to (make that the only one). We were going for drama… it's a shame you can't see
our masks very well in this. We had limited time and limited people to take the photo (zero). Let the Halloween festivities begin!

Note: My New York show came down today. Thanks to all who witnessed and helped out. Now you don't have to hear about it anymore… yay.


Everybody Freeze

Actually just one person… Mrs. Katie Hopkins Freeze. We had a most delectable lunch today at Costa Vida–mmm.
Katie has been married almost a full year… crazy, yeah? I had to miss her wedding last year for very dumb reasons.
I haven't even met her husband, weird. Oh, Katie was my roommate clear back to the summer between my freshman
year and sophomore year at Raintree. She went to hair school and has the most fantastic smile. I absolutely adored
catching up with her today. I can't believe it's been so long since I've seen her. I love catching up with old friends.

Oh, we got our blinds today *all teeth smile*.


No Ordinary Day

This may look quite like an ordinary photo to you, no matter, you are forgiven. If you squint into the distance there is
a more lovely than ever looking Timpanogos Mountain. More lovely, you ask? Well, my friend that is because that
there Mountain is snow covered. The clouds know it and so do I: there is a storm coming and I cannot wait to wear
boots, (this may or may not be another snippet of a panoramic for my class… that Temple one didn't work out so well).


Panoramic Panic

Due to the recovery of an all nighter from Thursday and the churning stomach of yesterday, I didn't get anything done
for my HDR panoramic that was due today. Luckily I have that class with Alishia and she was in the same boat–for
other reasons, of course. So we went to about five different sites in two and a half hours; she shot five panoramics
and I shot four. We then went to school, ate lunch and got to work (we were editing like crazy to be done in time for
class). This is a snippet of my six photo panoramic of the west view from the Provo Temple. I love the layering of clouds.


Bowl Buds

Remember that one time I mentioned our time-saving bathroom (can you tell why we call it time-saving)? Well, I felt
that this would be most appropriate to post, for today I threw up. Last night I went to bed not so early after eating some
leftover haystacks we had in the fridge. Then early this morning I felt super nauseated; I gathered a pillow, a blanket
and situated myself as cozy as I could in the bathroom doorway just waiting to throw up. And by golly I did, late this
afternoon. Which is the ultimate lame sauce because I was supposed to team teach mission prep today… sorry Cory.


This Sucks

Literally, though. This is the green hoover vacuum that we have had all week; it's our home teacher's. Nikki made a
famous apple crisp to thank them. She carried the crisp while I hauled the vacuum over to their house tonight. And
boom goes the dynamite, they weren't even home. So we took the crisp to F3 to eat and play rockband. Good Saturday.


Tetris… LIVE

Do you recall that driveway I spoke of? Well here it is in all it's glory. It stretches along the entire side of our house all
the way to the sidewalk and out to the street. It will fit three cars, parked bumper to bumper. Although, that tree
usually poses a problem for the third person. So we've started parking diagonal (please note Nikki's truck), perfect
right? Well the girls up stairs haven't really caught on to our new plan (after two months; note the SUV behind Nikki's
truck and the green car closest to me). So tonight when I got home there didn't look like there was room for me, until
Nikki got out and exclaimed that I could definitely fit into the space between her truck and the green car… and I did.

Update: Today went VERY well. I had a really great thesis for class this morning. I got my research paper turned in… all thanks to
Sydney. We hung out at our cousin's house tonight. Then we stayed up all night talking, in my parked car, no where near our house.


Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Try saying that title ten times fast

It's true though… last night, combined with this morning was just that; twelve hours of angst, frowns and nightmares.
But, only silly people dwell on that (i.e. ME on any other day). So today I am going to list everything good about today
and the past week for that matter, just to add the positive icing on my imaginary super smiling cake:

Today: a warm shower; eating groceries from my mom; a phone call from three people that care (Dad, Sara, Sydney); crunching through
leaves; baking for others; cleaning my tiny kitchen (ultimate meditation); clean laundry; scenic route to school; premo parking; not one
but three artists at my lecture series; getting to touch and skim through Angie's copy of James Victore's new book; success at the
library; a relief society social; getting special treatment at the drive-in; a really good dinner; getting unexpected visits from four ward
members; listening to my instrumental soundtrack playlist while working on homework; having a great direction for my BFA project;

Week: getting to witness the changing leaves; seeing my old Bishop and his wife; skyping with James Victore; dance parties with Nikki
that secretly mean exercising; having sore muscles for two days knowing it's a good thing even though it hurts like no other; photo
shoots with Alishia; getting groceries and love from Sandy; getting complimented on my new favorite nail polish; getting to play Porter's
new rockband; working on my Halloween costume; getting happy virtual messages; knowing that people actually read this; running into
an old friend unexpectedly; no car accidents; getting invited to Halloween parties; knowing I was missed; being successful in school;

Okay, my rant is over; now onto the above photo. My driveway is located under the most magnificent tree. This tree,
as of late, has been shedding leaves like crazy. Every time I park under it, said tree loves to dump leaves on my car.
This, is a good thing. Especially when they collect on my windshield wipers. Want to know why it's a good thing?
Because when I drive away, they fly up and over my car and I get to watch them tumble in my rear view window.
What makes me even happier is when I turn my wipers on making them fly away faster. Silly, you may say, but this
definitely made my day. Wow, and that undoubtedly rhymed. Hopefully this weekend is much better than what I've had.


Peek-A-Boo Leaf

This morning Maintenance FINALLY came to look at our windows, (they've been promising blinds and screens since
we moved in; yes that is correct, we have been living without those things in a basement apartment, don't worry we
have amazing improvising skills). He measured out both of the living room window's for the blinds order. Then he
came into the bedroom that Nikki and I share and attempted to hang the blinds we had waiting to be hung in that
window. When he got done this is what it looked like… I know, right? No worries, he added a third order to the blinds.



Remember when I went to New York? (Of course you do, how could I let you forget?) Well one of the days we visited
the most magnificent designer: Sir James Victore. Never heard of him? Well 'puh-shaw'… let me educate you: he only
uses design in its purest form. He hates when design is used to make socks look good; he uses it to make a
statement and cause a stir about current issues. His work is very raw and his style is so great (not cute). Well, bless
my starts when I found out that he is coming to my school for a lecture series and student workshops in January.
Want to know the real heart attacker of all this? My Graphic Design II class was chosen to all design posters to
promote his coming that will be distributed to all other schools and associations that will be interested. This is a
brainstorming activity we did in class to get a feel for everything 'James'. This poster will be in my portfolio forever–tear.


Equator Or Incinerator?

After FHE we gave some old and new friends a tour of our lovely apartment. Whenever we give tours, it is pretty
hilarious: our creepy windows, tiny oven, time efficient bathroom (that photo to come), bunk beds and our washroom
that houses this pretty baby; they always cause some sort of exclamation. We call it our incinerator. Doesn't it just fit
right in with the creepiness that our lovely basement apartment emulates so well? We have an updated heater now,
but they never took this one out. There is also a crawl space in the back of this room that is full of dirt and coal with a
little shovel. Even creepier, eh? We may label it 'haunted' for the season and start charging anyone and everyone.


Fall Day

Aren't the colors so magnificent right now? These are the trees that sit just outside the gate that leads to my basement
apartment. I am so lucky. I also adored the rain today… it makes the colors ten times more vibrant. Isn't visiting with
old friends the best? There was a whole slew of that happening tonight at a very successful Second Sunday Supper.

Please note: the lovely framed 'Y' on the mountain from the leaves of the tree to the right; also the moon shaped cloud on the left. The end.


Fork Dragons

I finally saw Imagine Dragons… in concert… tonight. I first saw them as a battle of the bands finalist (there were
three) opening for Kelly Clarkson last fall. It was love at first note; I've been following them ever since. They don't
come to Utah very often (they're from Vegas, so that's where they always play) so when I heard they were coming to
Fork Fest (a free night of local bands jamming out) I about collapsed with delight. Nikki, David and I made the trek to
American Fork and listened to that heavenly voice of lead singer, Dan Reynolds (pictured above). Loved this night.


Pie Conversion

Tonight, I had pie… after Inception of course (I cannot get over how great that movie is). The most magnificent pie. I
think that I've been converted to pie–not that I never liked it, but it was definitely on the bottom on my list of favorite
desserts. Nobody does it like Marie Callender's though; this pie is their Kahlua Cream Cheese pie, oh yum. Earlier
today I found out that Charlie is super ill. So after getting pie we dashed over to their apartment to take her a hilarious
card and give Jordan some of this delectable pie. Then, Sam and Jordan played Halo while Charlie told me of her
awful week. Get better soon Charles! I wish she had been in the mood for pie… I'm sure that would have solved everything.


The Big Apple

No, not THAT Big Apple, this big apple. While grocery shopping, I noticed apples were on sale: they are SO big. Like,
'as big as my face' big. I'm not sure if this picture does it justice, but I tried my best. Fall Break has been tremendous
so far and tomorrow I shall be in Sandy to spend it with the fam AND see Inception for the second time. BOOM BABY!

Although the other Big Apple brings back fond memories… especially when I found out I got into the BFA. Want to know who else just
got into the BFA…today? That's right, my dear friend Sydney just heard back from our Professors that she is in! Congrats Syd!


Darn Reboot

Pretty sure my body knew I was going to have the next three days off from school, for it shut down today and I didn't
wake up until close to 3PM. I'm not sick, but I'm sure if I hadn't slept I would be sick; my body feels so exhausted and
my mind has turned to muck. My sleep was pretty deep too; I set an alarm for nine and didn't hear a peep. I didn't
even hear Nikki get up and get ready this morning. Last night I put on a hoodie, my face got cold so I tied it shut. Do
you ever notice that your nose is cold, but there is no way to cover it without blocking all air ways to your lungs?
Sydney and I talked last week about inventing some nose guard of some sort for cold noses–like a snuggie/breath
right strip hybrid. Cool, no? Soup and homework filled this day… more soup than homework; more sleep than soup.


Subtly Scary

Remember when Halloween was the second biggest holiday that you decorated your house for? I sure do. We had
this Frankenstien head that would sing when you walked by, a dancing snoopy dressed as a skeleton, tons of candle
figurines. Halloween also has parties, pumpkins and dressing up. Dressing up was my favorite part. Although, I
remember having repeat costumes some of those years: a princess five or six times, cat woman three times, a witch
for all the years in between. These are our Halloween decorations this year: Bethany bought them. Nikki and I have
the most spectacular costume lined up; I skyped with my niece and nephew today… they have the coolest costumes
by far. Cody is being Harry Potter and Kylee is going to be Hedwig. I can't wait to see them. This day was oh so very
fantastic; it ended on a bit of a somber note. Fall break starts tomorrow instead of Thursday–here I come homework.


Gone Spiral

I officially finished my fourth sketchbook this passed thursday; it feels really good. I really wanted my fifth one to have
a rubberband because I stuff them so full that they wont stay closed. I drove all around town looking for a worthy
contender for my sketching affections–that, of course, didn't cost an arm and a leg. By the end of the night, I settled
for this spiraled black beauty–which happens to be identical to my BFA project processing book; twins! When I grow
up I'm opening a sketchbook store filled with different sizes with all types of papers and colors to the max; this town
just doesn't have enough of a selection. I need to move to New York just for that reason… ha ha. Oh dear…


Watch It

After making one amazing dinner, filled with ribs, homemade mashed potatoes and Nikki's divine apple crisp, Moroni
and I made our way over to Leah's apartment. She had made apple cobbler: Moroni was there for the cobbler, I was
there to visit Aubrie… for she messed up her knee at her last soccer game. While there I asked them who this
watch belonged to. They said they didn't know who's it was and they had asked everyone they knew–then they said
that I could keep it! Ultimate wootage. I love men's watches, they're always so much cooler than women's. Am I right?

(happy ten ten ten everybody)


Spectator Sport

Today, my parents, my grandparents from Clearfield, my great Aunt Karen and my grandparents from Pleasant
Grove came down and met Nikki and I in Orem for some good old Sizzler steak eating. After, the whole entourage
made their way to the UVU library to check out the hottest display on the block. (Last night my friend Lynne and her
boyfriend took a look at it after they attended a play at UVU–way more publicity than I ever thought it would get).
They were all so great to make the trek down here; it is my Dad's birthday as well today. Happy Birthday dear
Father. Also, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is by far the greatest of the greatest movies made of all time and that is that.


TGIF My Friends

Today was significantly better than the rest of the week, by far. I ended the night chilling with these lovely ladies.
Megan and Stephanie: my ultimate friends. I've known Stephanie since first grade and known Megan since seventh
grade. They are terrific, for Megan is my hairstylist and always has a boy story to tell. Stephanie is an amazingly
smart past roommate that always made me feel like my homework was the coolest thing in the world. I love chatting
and hanging out with them… they always catch me up on the latest chick flicks; I don't watch too many here in Provo.
Makes me realize I need to see these girlies more often: fo sho' shorty. We plan to hang out next week during fall break.


We're So Small…

While driving towards the UVU library, enroute my 'road rage-less' way to school, I pulled off to the side of the road at
the site of the sunset tonight. I immediately grabbed my camera and snapped away while the sun and clouds posed
for me. You can never capture it the way you see it, because it's always changing. I felt so small compared to these
cosmic 'after rain' clouds. It doesn't matter how many papers or logos or crazy life problems you may have; when
you are staring at the magnitude of God's creations, all your worries melt away. Too bad you can't bottle it, eh?


I've Got The Blues

Not really though, just the blues for the color blue. After class tonight, Alishia and I went out on a hunt for the perfect
subject matter… the sun had come out, the rain had stopped and all the colors were so vivid from the rainfall. This
lovely vintage boat was parked on the side of a building. I fell in love right away (must've been the old vinyl); lately I've
been very drawn to the color blue, especially when paired with gray. I was working on a logo for most of the day and
my color pallet was just that. I also revisited my website today and there it was: blue and gray. I still love green and
I've succumbed to orange, but I believe blue is taking over my creative color pallet. I think I need to find a new color.


Comedic Relief… S.O.S.

I realize I've posted a few comics on here… but this one is real. Today was a bit of a rough patch, school deadlines
eating at me, life just in general making me second guess myself. But there is one thing that can't get me down…
comedy. It's awesome. Sometimes you just have to laugh til you cry or cry til you laugh. Another thing that ultimately
lifts my spirits… hanging out with my buds and pals. If homework weren't the priority, I'd be all over chillin' and talking
it up with all the people that make me laugh and smile til my cheeks hurt. True story: two summers ago when all my
friends got home from their missions, there were so many reunions of old friends that I went so overboard on smiling
that my cheeks would start to cramp up from smiling and Nikki would have to use her mad Massage Therapy skills to
make them go away. So… tomorrow is another day and these problems will be gone next week. Bring it on life!


Beet Stained

Beets, Beets, the more you eat the more you dry heave. It's real. Nikki and I are on this three day diet where they
tell you what to eat for every meal for the first three days of the week and then you can eat whatever you want for the
last four days of the week, without over doing it, of course. Downside: one of the items on the menu is pickled beets.
They taste fine, the smell is more on the stanky side, but when I chew those puppies, the bits want to slide down my
throat before I am ready to swallow, causing me to dry heave. Upside: beets are a pretty color, a color that seems
to get everywhere once you open the can. Super upside: this diet allows ice cream with every dinner, um, yes please.


Stormy With A Chance Of Betty

Remember how bad our oven was and how we were trying to get the hang of it? Well by george, Nikki's outdone
herself on that one. Friday she made a peach cobbler and banana muffins, yesterday she made apple crisp and
tonight she made another apple crisp, that's two times bro. Lets just say she's got this baking thing down to a
science. Oh, goodness, wasn't conference just lovely? I'm so pumped to take on the world now. Conference Sunday
is always spent (well the latter session) and my Grandma and Grandpa Duncan's house… alway a pure delight.


Primping Platypus

Conference was absolute awesomeness. In between sessions, Nikki, Alishia, Aubrey and I painted our nails. Aubrey
has thee coolest colors. My favorite color is this one… does it not remind you of Perry the Platypus from Phineas and
Ferb (in the top five best things Disney Channel has every produced)? Best part: Aubrey is letting me keep this color.
I know this post may seem a bit girly to you, but nail polish is really the only extra 'primping' I do, and even then, I do
it myself; none of this going to pay to get my nails done. Doesn't this photo take you back to this post? Back then I
was only three months into this blog, now I only have three months left… crazy cakes, eh? Are you sad? or ecstatic?

The mess of black and white on my thumb was my attempt to make a Perry the Platypus eye; one on each thumb. But it wasn't drying
fast enough and ended up smearing everywhere. By then I was done with the idea. One day I'll get it… one day, you just wait and see.


New York Up

Remember how while in New York, for the first couple of days everything seemed to be going just a tad bit off
(delayed flights, lost luggage, uncomfortable nights)? Well, I guess it would only be fair to assume that when it came
time to hang our New York Show that the 'off-ness' would follow us back to Utah and six months later. See, this
morning we were scheduled to hang our show on the fifth floor of the UVU library. Once I got to school, I received
word that there was a gas leak scare in the library and they evacuated it and all the surrounding buildings. Cut to
two hours later, and we were finally able to start hanging the show. It took forever; my pieces took the longest to
hang. Go figure since there were seven of them and they were 3D. A good chunk of my day was spent in that library.
Hooray, my little sister is in town from Snow and staying with me for the weekend. Happy Conference eve everyone.

The show will be up starting tomorrow and will run all the way until the twenty-eighth of October. If you're in town, I strongly suggest to
take a look. There are some magnificently talented people at that school. That mixed with the inspiration of NYC, you can't miss it.

missed a photo?