my life through a photo a day


Opposite Love

I made this sculpture a couple of semesters ago for my 3-D class. Organic grass combining with the harsh
industrialism of the sheet metal. Love it! It just recently became an addition to our apartment. It's been collecting dust
at my parents house for some time.


Botany Intuition

The Orchid by our kitchen window has finally bloomed. I hope it is a fo sho sign that spring is immediately around the
corner. I'm in a bit of a rut concerning school, photos and life in general. I think spring could be the secret cure…
come along season that falls between winter and summer-you are much needed now more than ever.

Side note: I had to miss my ward's intramural soccer game tonight; they lost 6-0. Sad day among my soccering peeps.


Magic Marker On The Wall…

Who is the fairest doodler of them all? This is what happens you mix 4 girls, a large shelving unit full of food and a
bunch of magic markers. I hope that you click to enlarge this photo and bust your buns off laughing at the alterations
we made to these food items.


Shere Khan Anyone?

This was taken inside Monson 8. Daniel is a mad photographer, and he rents out taxidermy animals from the Bean
Museum at BYU to photograph. How cool is that? Thank you Bethany for modeling the tiger with a missing tooth.
Gotta Catch 'Em All!


Moldy Beard

This my friends is the end result of someone who has attended the Festival of Colors. It happened two times today
and I missed both of them. I seem to miss it every year; Have no fear, I shall attend next year. Thank you to M*** for
letting me photograph you and all your powerderness. Even though you were very against it… but I kept my promise
and didn't include your face.


A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The title says it all (but apparently not enough, for I am about to expound). I went with Bethany and Nikki to the
Joseph Smith movie down town. After, we went to my parent's house for treats. A combined effort between Bethany
and my Dad equals said photo.

*and yes this is another orange photo; I guess you could say I am in a bit of a rut of repeating subject matter.


Yes, Another One Of These…

SO SUE ME! I love Steven's face in this photo (in the red); I love how it's in focus and how everything else is all
blurry. Also, check out that guy's jump (in the green). Tonight was our ward's intramural soccer game; this was their
second playoff game with single elimination. We won 3-1! Janet scored the first goal and Mark made the second.


Bethany's Ballad

This girl has mad skills… serenading the heck out of Nikki, apt. 31 and I. I thoroughly enjoy those that play the guitar,
especially when they aren't afraid to bust it out and play a tune to share with all.


Major NYC Withdrawls

I am missing this city so much! Nothing spectacular happened today. I just worked for a billion hours on my magazine
layout. But I was talking with a fellow NYC trip friend (Luke) at school yesterday; we both came to the conclusion
that coming back to Utah from NYC is a bit of a downer. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and family, not to
mention the mountains (for navigation's sake), but I feel like I left home to come back here. Sad day.

*This was taken on top of the Empire State Building at dusk on my fourth day there


White Knike

This is what happens when his shoes get scuffed. (joking). Roger came over tonight to take some trading card
photos for the ward soccer team. He has these awesome white Nikes that you can't really see in the photo. He has
been called White Knight as well, so it has been determined that his name shall be White Knike to combine his shoes
and his charm. What do you think?


It's Good To Be Back

Yes, this is another photo of my nephew. I haven't seen him since that day in the hospital when he was born. So I
think this is an appropriate photo. We celebrated Bob's (my brother in-law (this little guy's dad)) birthday today at my
parent's house. We ate and sang and then watched a movie. Then I came back to Provo… it's so nice to be missed.
School tomorrow = bluh!

Please note my awesome H&M jacket.


Your Color Is Yellow

Madison Avenue on our last day here. I love taxis and the subway… they will be deeply missed. I didn't have to drive
for an entire week, it was great. I can't believe this is it.

other highlights of the day: Saw an old man down in the subway playing the accordion for money, went to The Guggenheim, went to The
Whitney Biennial, taking a taxi to JFK, taking a nap in the taxi, seeing an Alexander Calder in JFK, boarding the plane on time, seeing
The Fantastic Mr. Fox on the plane, getting into SLC an hour early and seeing my family again.


But St. Patrick's Day Is Over

St. Patrick's Cathedral… we didn't even mean to go there. We went to it on accident, sort of. Beautiful stuff…I can't
even handle it!

other highlights of the day: sleeping in, buying souveneirs on Canal Street, eating my first Gyro, buying a jacket at H&M, going to
Tiffany & Co., seeing Rockefeller Center, getting lost in Queens, eating in Little Italy, again, buying books at The Strand and going to
Max Brenner again for dessert.


Have You Met The MET?

My friend Sydney checking herself out multiple times in this amazing piece found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
This was one of my many favorites.

other highlights of the day: seeing Egyptian relics, an exhibit on the history of musical instruments, eating watermelon for lunch, eating
at Blue Ribbon Sushi, having a local tell me I didn't look at all like a tourist, attending the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy club, eating at
Famous Ray's pizza and finding out I got into the BFA program at my school.


Drawing Them In

This jazz threesome jammed out in Central Park. I gave them money; they were so fun to listen to. (the third guy
played the upright bass, but he was collecting money in this picture).

other highlights of the day: went to see Damien and Gary of Part & Parcel, seeing John Langdon's exhibit at the Type Directors Club,
going to Central Park, going to the Empire State Building and eating dinner in Chinatown.


No Rain On Day Two

This is the building directly across from the Pearl (a building with six floors of art supplies). I bought a landscape
sketchbook while I was there, it is green and magnificent.

other highlights of the day: visiting James Victore, SWAG, Union Square skaters, eating at Max Brenner and finally receiving my
baggage after three days.


MoMA Monday

How cool would it be to have your kids go on a field trip to the MoMA? I need to live in New York for this reason; I
remember my field trips consisting of bowling and the Hansen Planetarium… lame.

other highlights of the day: seeing the Tim Burton exhibit, going to Little Italy for dinner, getting essentials from Walgreens in Times
Square to make up for lost luggage and calling home to listen to familiar voices.


NYC At Last

The view from my hotel window. After having one flight canceled and two flights delayed I finally made it around 2AM.
It's raining and they lost all of our baggage. Only half of our group is here… the rest will be here tomorrow. I'm
exhausted and ready for bed.

highlights of the day: arriving at my destinations safely, riding a taxi for the first time and
getting to NYC and fulfilling a life long dream


I'm Leeeeaaavin' Oonnnn A Jet Plane…

My old bedroom filled with components for a new adventure. Cheesy, but true. Checked bag, carry on, personal item
and the clothes I will be wearing tomorrow. Can you believe in 12 hours I will be in New York City?! Neither can I!


Peeping Toms

This post is probably not about what you think it's about. No, this post is about sword fighting peeps, both named Tom.
Step One: Place toothpicks into center of peeps.
Step Two: Place both peeps on plate in microwave.
Step Three: set timer for 10 seconds and see which peep loses (whichever tips over first).


Favorite Number: 3

The number of…

The number of…
days until I leave for New York!
The number of… amazing events I'm going to miss while in New York.
The number of… hours I slept in today (much needed).
The number of… oranges I ate today.
The number of… projects I have to finish before I leave for New York.
The number of… wonderful/beautiful/amazingly talented sisters I have.
The number of… adorable nieces and nephews I have.
The number of… semesters I have left until I graduate.
The number of… totally awesome roommates I have.
The number of… months I've had this blog.


Cameo Appearance

Who knew I could be a hand model? This is a glimpse at my latest Motion Graphics project.



Forever bound to this chair… well, only 10AM today until 10AM tomorrow, but still.


I've Gotta Crush

On the fact that I get all of these 'Crush' bottles and all of their bottle caps once they've all been drunk (that's right! 24
caps and 23 bottles; one bottle had to take on another duty as a vase). This crush may, in fact, seem silly to you, but
that's about all I have right now.

*Side note: the color orange is definitely growing on me, even though nothing will ever take the "My Favorite Color Is" title away from that
lovely color I like to call green.


The Good, Bad and Ugly Reminder

This poster has been haunting me all semester. It is the poster announcing the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
submission date and requirements.
Good: because I need to submit my portfolio in order to get into the program
Bad: because it scares me to death to have my professors review my portfolio
Ugly: because it reminds me how I worked all day yesterday and all through the night into today on my pieces to be
ready for my portfolio submission at 5 PM.
It's done now and I hear that I will know the results before I leave for New York City next weekend.
Cross your fingers everyone


Silly String Cheese Flake Out

'WEAR SHORTS THIS WEEK'… I failed to get that memo in time. This morning I declared wearing shorts and ran
some errands. Yes it was a bit chilly, but that usually never stops me. Then I came home and proceeded to start on
my BFA submission. What to my wondering eyes should appear but SNOW BEGAN TO FALL!
I then continued wearing shorts:

A) I am super out of clean bottoms (Levis for those of you who thought I had multiple backsides)
B) What better way to celebrate your favorite type of precipitation than to wear the complete opposite attire for it?
This picture looks as if there is silly string hanging from our building…SA-WEET!


45 Bottles And Counting

I've had a knack for collecting bottles (and their bottle caps) for a while now. It all started last year, when Stephanie
and I came across graffiti aluminum Mountain Dew bottles found at obscure locations. Now, I am receiving bottles
from outside sources; people have noticed my odd fascination and have begun contributing. Such as these pretty
little numbers I received tonight. They're so retro, yet so modern. Got any cool bottles (and their bottle caps)?

*The Mountain Dew bottles will be featured here soon. The link for the Mt. Dew bottles is to my cousin Alishia's blog; she beat me to the
punch and already took pictures of my bottles. (Alert! Nerdy Graphic Design side note: I love their small branding twist of the small coke
bottle made out of bubbles found on the right bottle. I warned you!)


What Are The Odds?

I know this is a strange post, but as I was out in the parking lot today I came across this. What a sight to see: three
Toyota Corollas sitting in a row. All different colors and from three different states. I know it's not a very artsy fartsy
photo, but I only had one shot, for the man who owned the middle Toyota was about to leave.


Runnin' Utes… Literally

Tonight Nikki and I were in dire need of a good run (being sore from broom hockey will do that to you). Whenever we
go running I always wear my red Ute shorts and my red Nike shoes. I feel so awesome running around Provo
sporting all this red, it's probably against the law… oh well. So far no angry Provoians have gone out of their way to
run me over, (that's why we stay on the sidewalk).

missed a photo?