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Berry Christbas

I fell asleep last night pretty early, with my contacts in. What a terrible combination, for I woke up at 3AM due to dried 
out contacts and too much sleep before the AM. I refused to get out of bed and tried to go back to sleep. No luck; I 
finally distanced myself from my bed around 5AM and did a series of things before the rest of my family began to stir.
We went down for presents around 10AM. The only thing I asked for this season was a new ipod, since I have such 
great luck with ipods. And I got it, among many other amazing things. Thank you Santa. We skyped in the morning 
with the Cramers, Nikki came in the afternoon and Sara and Bob came in the late afternoon. This day was so terrific:
surrounded by family, immediate and extended, left over chinese, warmth and love. Could not get any better than this.

*this little guy is named 'Xenophilius' in honor of my brother-in-laws naming all their devices Harry Potter characters.
I'll jump on any band wagon their driving; they are the ultimate definition of cool.

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