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T'was This One Time

Today is a day filled with traditions. This morning I made a brand spankin' new one that I hope lives on forever. I went
to Kneaders for their never ending french toast with Megan, Stephanie and Mandy. We did plenty of catching up over 
those delightful pieces of bread. We went in our pajamas and laughed the morning away. The day was spent 
wrapping gifts and then, night time fell. My ultimate favorite ancient Duncan tradition is getting take out Chinese for
Christmas Eve and then having left overs for days. We tried a new place this year and I think it had a chance against
our age old favorite hole in the wall, Hunan Express. After a tremendous asian feast and the quickest clean up ever, 
we went on to execute the next tradition: opening one gift; all the siblings draw names. This year I had Sara, she had
Aubrey, she had Tiffany and Tiffany had me. Sara brought my gift from Tif and we all opened our gifts. I got a sweet 
cook book (I cannot wait to show Nikki) that her Relief Society compiled this year and the card game Monopoly Deal.
I am so stoked to have parties themed with my Christmas Eve presents (playing the game while eating the grub
birthed from that beloved cook book). We played a couple rounds of Monopoly Deal and then went on to finish up the
night with another terrific tradition (this one is not only for Christmas Eve, but whenever a brother-in-law is in town),
Super Smash Brothers on Wii. After a couple of very successful games, the Rich's left and I turned in for the night.

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  1. what chinese place did you guys use this year? Looks SOOO yummy! Glad you guys are having fun. Love your rain boots. Where can I get me a pair of those?


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