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Today was pretty productive, well productive for a vacation day. I woke and attended the library with Megan and 
Stephanie to pick up some CD's. Very very exciting; I got over twenty to listen to. That bottom large black one along
the bottom of both stacks is a boxed set of all the 30 Rock songs. Oh dear, I died when I saw it. After all of our 
check-outs we proceeded on to the Smith's down the road for me to get a flu shot (bleh). I then went home, had
lunch with the lil' sister and my pops. I then did some much needed hard core exercising, showered, and went over
to Stephanie's house to watch 'Step Up 3' and 'Roman and Beezus'. Good movies… the latter better than the first. I 
have discovered that I become quite cynical when it comes to chick flicks, but I did like the dancing. We even rang in
the fact that it was Christmas Eve at midnight (can you believe that I will have had my camera for a year in 2 days?)

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