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Road Trip #230572

(The number of road trips is an exaggeration; my friend Stephanie always does that when she giving anything a 
number, I always die laughing). But for reals people, I never take this many road trips, I guess 2010 was my year,
eh? Right after church my family made the 'spur of the moment' decision to go down to Las Vegas until tomorrow. 
Why go to Las Vegas you ask? Well that is currently where the Cramers are. My sister's in-laws flew them in and my
sister doesn't care to be in a car too long because she gets car sick (that's the pregnancy talking; that's right I am to 
be an aunt once again, yay). So we packed in under an hour (which is a Duncan record; we usually take days to 
pack) and hopped in the car making it to Vegas in 5.5 hours. Today also marks the day that my Mother was born.
Oh joyous occasion. What a lovely grandma to spend her birthday in the car to devote the following day to her grandkids.

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