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Baby Steps

Today started out considerably hard. All that hardness led to David taking me out to lunch to the Panda. After the
asian goodness was devoured, my fortune cookie birthed this little baby. After reading it I immediately asked David
if he wanted to go to New York. By the end of the day I realized I have taken a many a trips this year with friends (i.e.
Sydney, Nikki, Family, School, etc), as well as today. I went to lunch with David, I went to class with my faithful car
and I went to Macey's with Nikki to celebrate with ice cream. What were we celebrating, you might ask. Well, my
amazing roommate/cousin had a second interview for a job and got it! She is so great at what she does… and she
never ceases to surprise me. I am proud to have her as my cousin and I hope more trips are in our future.

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