my life through a photo a day


Trickling Stream Of Consciousness

Wake up after noon. 2 missed calls. 17 new emails. Breakfast. Lunch out? Okay. Shower. Wear new boots. Early for
lunch. Free coupon equals free lunch. Call Alishia. Go to the library. Return 22 CDs. 4 new CDs. One graphic design
book. 2 fashion illustration books. Zero good adult fiction books, solution: one 'to be determined' young adult fiction 
book. One hour in Library. Cold drive home. Park. See prime photo opportunity. Love winter skys in the early 
evening. I heart bird silhouettes. Left overs for dinner. Listen to library CDs. Blog. Visit with Dad. Change out of boots.
End of school break stress. Rich family arrive. 25 baby slobber kisses. Mom gets home. 5 rounds of Monopoly Deal.
Aubrey gets home. PIE. Get gas. Projects, projects, projects. Listen to the lovely Bob Dylan. Ready for bed. Sleep.

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