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I've Been Bobbed

The Students of the Senior Seminar class (I have many a friends enrolled in said class) put on their 'identity' show
this evening at the Provo Towne Square. I felt incredibly swanky; they had plenty of swag, free samples, a live band
and even side walk chalk to doodle all over the neighboring parking garage. These students teamed up with the Boys
and Girls club and picked a teen for the semester. For the passed weeks they have worked with their teen to teach
them an art discipline (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.). At the beginning of the show I ran into these
portraits of Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. They stopped me clear in my tracks and I melted. I completely adore the style
of these paintings. I love how simple they are, black and white, yet so complexly controlled with the paint splotches
and the paint drips. Oh to own these… a girl can dream, right? I love attending shows, especially for free.

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